Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Scrapping topics Part 1 and a vintage giveaway!

I was having some negative thoughts, about age and my mother role becoming redundant, the other day and got to thinking what will I scrap when both the boys have left home?? There are only so many shots of Barney you can take! So in this mood I posted on the message board over at Studio Calico, where I am a member and I had a ton of replies!!  I decided to copy and paste the ideas into a document, then I set about arranging their suggestions into groups. I came up with a 2 sides of A4 list and have split it into categories;
Part 1 Family and friends ideas
Part 2 Home and Leisure time activities
Part 3 Daily life
Part 4 Journaling prompts

Once I had sorted them I was asked to share them, so here you are and I am personally indebted to all those wonderful, inspirational people (too many to name) who soon put me right in my brief moment of gloom!
Part 1 Family & Friends Ideas
• Family recipes/ traditions
• Family parties
• Family relationships, my Grandma/Grandad etc
• Myself (favourites, thoughts and feelings I have about particular things at particular moments in time, clothes, shoes etc.)
• About myself - tell lots of stories from the past
• Childhood - go back to the event photos and scrap from a different perspective (not the event, but feelings, characteristics, etc Stacy Julian).
• Brother/sister
• Cat and dog
• Trends from when you were growing up - what you collected or wore v what is collected / worn today.
• Teen pics
• College days
• Your Wedding
• Early marriage
• Pre kids

• Work
• Tribute pages (for all the important people in your life -- friends, teachers, work colleagues, relatives -something about what makes them so special to you)
• Personal stories (how much life has changed now that you don't have little kids, where you are now vs. where you thought you'd be, things you're grateful for, how you met your best friend, how you feel today, etc.)
• Favourite life's moments
• The future - What do you hope will happen? In the world? In your family? What do you wish for? Look forward to?
• Things you have achieved in life so far and then all the future things you hope to achieve - plans and dreams etc.
• Feelings/things with my husband, general thoughts of life
• Pics of kids with technology in their hands/mobile phone/computers etc
• The breakfast table - chaos before they all dash out for school!
• Re-scrap some older pictures of your kids from a different perspective. For example take a birthday pic of your child and scrap what you were thinking/feeling as a parent at that time versus a "this is your birthday" I would think your kids would value that type of layout.
• Sneak a few candid shots, without family being aware
• Scrap your thoughts/advice to your children
• Time with friends 
And that's just the first part of the list!! I told you it was fantastic!!

I'll leave you with the photograph I mentioned a few weeks ago, of me in my Osnath pram. You see? Next page in the 50th year album! TFLx

Vintage give away!!!!
I have several sets of vintage greeting cards (used) that I won in an eBay auction and have never got around to using. If you could make use of them (dating from the 40's/50's) leave me a comment and I will draw a winner. More tomorrow!
The colours are much more subtle than this, I think Photoshop over corrected them!!

That's better! I still have not got the hang of it!!


SusieJ said...

Fabulous list of themes Caroline.
Please don't have negative thoughts about being 50 (I'm well past it and still feel 18 inside!). The change in "mothering" role is more difficult but you do get used to it. Life doesn't ever go back to the way it was before children (they will always be your "babies") but it does mean more time for you and OH as a couple. Make the most of it! I'm still telling my DS I'm in no hurry to be a Grandma - that's the next phase I think!
Hugs xx
p.s. would love the vintage cards - perfect for my Collage course.

thepricklypinecone said...

Oh my, how can you bare to part with the cards? They are beautiful!


Sandra said...

As a scraper that doesn't have children, I used to sometimes feel a bit out on my own, but I have to say - I find plenty to scrap, and to some, ok they may find them boring, but they're all part of who I am and who my husband is. So yes, I scrap my husband, dog our home, but then I'll also scrap, say my kitchen aid LOL ...or my many cookery books - I'll always find something. In fact sometimes, it makes me think more about photography and what would make a good layout. Thank you for the list though ... inspiration is always welcome :)

Can't wait to see this next page of your album, what a lovely photograph. (sorry, it's such a long post LOL)

CoventryAnn said...

Love that list CC, great food for thought.

Helsbells said...

These lists are brilliant. Thanks for sharing. The family recipe one struck a chord as only last weekend I was telling friends that I so wish I knew how my Grandma made Yorkshire Puddings and gravy.