Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sewing again!!!

It is so long since I sewed an item of clothing I can't remember, so with fear and trepidation I opened the pattern and made a start! If you are a novice sewer, you may be interested in my series of sewing tutorials in the side bar. This one tells you about pattern markings.
First cut out the pattern pieces and pin them on the fabric as directed in the instruction sheet.
There are obviously hazards to cutting out on the lounge carpet.
One is Barney standing on the fabric when you are trying to cut out and the other is Barney bringing you his teddy every five minutes to play on the fabric!! Once cut out, I moved to the kitchen table for the tricky part of Tailor Tacking to mark all the important bits!

I have made a start on the sewing and in fact did most  of the bodice, which took all afternoon, but it is tricky to fit it on yourself for size and I have just found a pin in my bra strap that must have come out of the fabric when I was trying it on!! I made all the darts and gathered the top front bodice onto the bottom front bodice using a long machine stitch to pull it up. I ironed on the interfacing and stitched the bodice facing to the upper bodice which took some time! It is an "Easy" Vogue pattern and so far has not proved too difficult although I am going to give the bound buttonholes a miss, in favour of the easier zig-zag stitch modern buttonhole of today!! Will update you with my progress, but it's a school day tomorrow, so no sewing will get done!!
By the way, I am not behind with my 50th album, I have done the last two layouts, but just not shared them here yet! So far so good on the weekly layouts! I feel a page about making the dress may need to be next on the cards!! TFLx


SusieJ said...

What a wonderful cheery post. Had to laugh at Barney - he's just like Max! Try doing anything on the floor and he's there...with a toy..I suppose to them the floor is a play space.
Good luck with the rest of the dress and yes, you must do a LO.
Hugs xx

Sandra said...

Have you found that this year (so far) you've been more creative and focused? I must say, I've loved reading about your preparations.

I so smiled when I saw Barney walking across the pattern - as just before I scolled down and say that a thought went through my head about how our dog would with my luck sit himself down right in the middle LOL.

jeanie g said...

OOOhh this takes me right back to my dressmaking days. Thank you so much for bringing back happy memories. I'm loving you sharing part of your birthday preparations.xx