Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Vintage champagne glasses & china

There is something very elegant about these champagne saucers, I can't help thinking they will be perfect for the toast at my vintage tea party! The postman struggled up the drive today with 3 huge parcels, one of which was this little lot of 11 glasses I bought on eBay! A lot of them have worn gilt on the rim's but that adds to their vintage appeal! I now have 16 of these as I already won five weeks ago here
You have to be really careful, as sometimes they go for a bomb! I found another set that did match these but the bidding went up to £31 crazy!!!! I paid £6.50 + p&p for mine and about the same for the 11 with a gilt rim too! Oh the madness of eBay! Lol!
The other box this morning contained some more glasses I will use for Pimms - very retro!

I now have just enough of those too! And finally a set of crockery here

That I plan to turn into my own cake stand with a handle and special proper drill bit, so watch this space! I will let you know if I succeed!!! If you see a lot of bits of broken china, you know it was a failure! Lol! Worth a try to save money! You know me!! TFLx


voodoo vixen said...

I want an invite to this tea party when you get round to having it!! What fabulous finds you have there and the cake stand from the tea set... oh yes... can't wait to see it!

Sandra said...

You've got some lovely bargains. Drinking champagne from those glasses, are truly what champagne was made for :)