Monday, 4 April 2011

Cake Stand number one and a busy weekend!

Well, after a struggle, we have cake stand number one!  Decided to do it on this set in case I had any mishaps. learnt a lot. It is really a two person job so one can hold the plate still whilst the other drills. I bought the special drill bit and with hubby's new drill with adjustable speed, we could drill it very gently. I am pleased with the result and need to send for another handle to make another one now. I have learnt too that you must not over tighten the handle as the middle plate has now got a very slight craze in the glaze.
Busy weekend this weekend. Saturday was our 23rd Wedding anniversary, so we went out for a meal and yesterday was my dad's 87th birthday party as well as being Mother's day, so all in all, the diet went out of the window!! TFLx


SusieJ said...

WTG with the cakestand! It's fabulous - I'd never dare try something like that - I'm known for being somewhat heavy-handed!lol
Sounds like a great day yesterday with some yummy food - s*d the diet!
Hugs xx

voodoo vixen said...

Your cake stand turned out fabulous! Next time you are in a hardware store look for some small clear plastic washers... all my cake stand have them between the china and the holder so that it doesn't chip. :)

Sandra said...

What a lovely time celebrating you've had.