Sunday, 29 May 2011

50th Year album catch up

The other album I am busy with this year is a 12 x 12 album with a page done every week. I have not added to this for a while, but I have been making notes and printing photo's for the layouts, even if I have not got around to making them, so that they can be done, maybe this week, when I am on half term and can catch up!
Last weekend hubby took me to Newcastle using our Tesco hotel vouchers, as he thought we might both need a rest and a relax and he was right! I only took one photo, as we arrived over the Tyne bridge!
Newcastle is special to us as we both did our degrees here! Strangely, it's a bit like coming home! The places are familiar and the accent is comforting! We know our way around and the shopping is great! We always find plenty to do! With going away last weekend, I now have a whole week off work, with no interruptions, when I can craft to my heart's content and catch up a little! My jobs list looks like this;
Finish New York Album journalling
Make Vintage tea party album
Catch up on 12 x 12 layouts for the 50th Year album.
I made a list yesterday of layouts done and those still to do and actually I was quite up to date considering how busy I have been!!
I am 9 layouts behind by the time we get to week 22 which is on Monday! However, I have the layout topics and most of the photo's printed and ready to go, so that should not be too difficult to achieve this week! The monthly review layouts all have their collages ready to roll, as has the New York page. I have started using Picassa to make these, but I am not as fond of them as my old Corel Photo album 6 I used to have on my old computer, as all the photo's are even sized and there does not appear to be any movement within each little window, for the exact photo location like I was used to. I have downloaded a few free templates for Photoshop Elements but keep forgetting how to use them!!
Ok, less talking, more crafting!! I have reclaimed the craft desk, so I need to make a start! I will let you know how I get on. TFLx

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