Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Home made birthday!

I have just realised, how much money I have saved by making my homemade birthday myself! (Just need to convince Ian of this!!)
Why is it so strange to make things yourself these days when it used to be a matter of course?! This was just how my parties used to be!! All parents did it!
We had homemade invitations, 
a home made dress, 
second hand crockery, 
and glasses
and cutlery, 
a home made cake stand,
home made food, 
home made party games, 
home made cupcakes, 
home made party bags
and home made fun!
I have gone back to being a child! TFLx
P.S. Good news today, my blood pressure is fine and I weigh 11lbs less than last September, the bad news today I have ordered new varifocal glasses with a stronger reading prescription!! ;( Hey Ho!


SusieJ said...

I too remember the home-made b'day party - when did things change? (and not for the better)
I think your b'day celebrations were wonderful - and you were very resourceful finding and making all those goodies.
Hugs xx

Lisa-Jane said...

Sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful extended birthday for your big celebration. It all looks great and I love all the little touches you did. What on earth will you do with yourself now? ;-)