Monday, 2 May 2011

Party Preparations

As you can never rely on the British weather, plus we have had so much nice weather recently, it is bound to turn nasty next weekend, I decided to get my tables ready for the vintage tea party next Saturday, well in advance. Also, I wanted to see if we would all fit in!!
We brought the garden furniture table inside and added it to the end of the extended kitchen table. That, along with all eight of my dining chairs, has allowed me to seat seventeen people!
I spread out my new eBay embroidered tablecloths, to check they would cover the table this size and added my fake flowers. Now we just have to walk around it all for a week!! Not too bad as hubby is away on business and I am sure I will be busy cooking all week!!

I also spent yesterday getting out, and washing a lot of eBay glasses for the Pimms,

and the pink champagne,

Then spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning my newly acquired silver as well as one or two family pieces!!

I also started to get out some of the China I have been busy collecting,

All in all, not a bad day's work and it is making me feel it is getting very close now!! TFLx

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