Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Celebrating the sunshine!

Views around the garden and some Alchemilla Mollis brought in the house to go with my peonies that hubby bought me. I love its lime green flowers as well as how the leaves hold drops of water. A great garden plant and you can treat it rough and it still comes back for more. It also seeds itself everywhere! We found six plantlets that we have put in the new border that hubby is working on. They had just self seeded in other potted plants in the garden. Sometimes you don't get good photo's when it's bright sun, but I am quite happy with all of these. The blackbird is in the same nest that had problems last year. She has got further this year and at least has hatched them out but as before, the nest is so exposed I am not sure how safe they are! I keep rushing to the door when I hear her in distress as it is about 3ft from my back door, near the washing line! Above the border that hubby has been digging! This is a different nest to the one I referred to a couple of posts ago.
The herbs are looking good with some plant labels from the Range. I thought they might make nice photo's for notelets. The lavender plants are two new ones I bought at Sainsbury's with my food shopping the other week. Look good in a blue plant pot.
Had a bad day yesterday at the dentist :( Had a bit of tooth ache, ended up with a temporary dressing in two teeth and all I can taste is oil of cloves!! Yuk! Also on antibiotics to clam it all down. Yuk! Two X rays and a lot of drilling later, and I still have to return in three weeks :( Also, managed to miss Studio Calico reveal !!! Unheard of! Perhaps it is just as well as there has not been much scrapping going on. On the plus side, I did buy myself a desk fan yesterday Yay! I was also lucky in the charity shop and found a glass cake stand! TFLx

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CoventryAnn said...

Beautiful photos, I love Alchemilla too!