Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Census 2011

Just completed my Census 2011 page for my 50th Year album. I took a photo on census day and then printed off the details about the Census from the Internet. I tried to tie the purple from the Census details and black of my dress together. Not sure the self portrait is flattering! But true to life on that day!! Going to add my family details around the edge as a border in white journaling pen after this photograph is taken.
Stamping in Wisteria Chalk eye ink and more stitching with the Sew Easy. 
Having used the census in my family tree searches, it might be nice for future generations to have my photo to go with the data! TFLx

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voodoo vixen said...

I think its a fab idea to add this sort of info to your album! Some budding genealogist will be thrilled to see that they can look you up and have a photo of you too!