Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Everything gardenwise.....

is coming up roses, (or not, as the case may be!!!)
We are having a garden revamp, due to the death of several shrubs and a huge Montana Clematis, that died during the harsh winter. The pink one survived, but not the white. You can also see the stumps of several hedging plants that we  cut back, as they had gone mad and grown through the fence, breaking it in parts! However, we could not get the stumps out, so we had to call in an expert.
Now it is stump-less! And ready to get cracking. Hubby has started to dig it over, but it was all so dry, fortunately we have had some serious rain in the last few days!
We have had some seriously moody skies of late!
Anyway, I noticed that my wellies had perished and had a hole in them, so I have invested in a new pair of "Cath Kidston" wellies!
These are my new dog walking wellies too. I had never worn out wellies until we got Barney! I am now on my fourth pair! Of course these are not to get dirty, just to look at! Lol!
Finally, this nest outside my back door, has been left abandoned for weeks (I kept my distance). It seems so sad, but there has been nothing visiting it for ages, so I think it's a no go :( I love this photograph though! TFLx
P.S. Hosta's have been fab again this year!

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CoventryAnn said...

Great photos, and how do your hostas have no holes? The snails turn mine into lace curtains :(