Friday, 24 June 2011

I appear to have lost a whole week????

Where or how I am not sure, but the whole week has whizzed by since I last posted!
The driving lessons for DS2 are underway!! I may have more grey hairs than I did, but so far, so good!
We have celebrated father's day, me and my dad;

DS2 with hubby!
We had a lovely lunch and then posed for a family photo.
Quite a few of DS2's friends have been celebrating their 17th, so the little blackboard cards I made have come in very handy!!
I have been busy selling on eBay to fund the the driving and at the rate he's getting through the lessons, I will have to make it a full time job! I am selling Playmobil now and the loft is heaving a sigh of relief!
Took mum to hospital the other day for an appointment, dropped her off, then nipped into Hobbycraft for 2 mins! Just got in and she was ready to be picked up!! Typical! NHS are early when you need time to stash shop!! Never made it upstairs! Just had time to buy 2 RUB boxes  for 12 x 12 and a punch anywhere on the page square punch from Fiskars. Also. have had to content myself with a 'Distrezz it all' from Craft Obsessions! Have not had time to open it though!!
My foray into eBay, of course, has resulted in me having to make a few bargain purchases!! Me and vintage china are still an item! I have to say the postman has called every morning this week so far. I just keep telling hubby "Well it was a bargain, only 99p!!!" TFLx

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SusieJ said...

ROFL @ you and ebay. Your excuses for parcels sound just like mine - in my case it's old books not china.
I really don't know where the weeks are going 'cos I don't seem to achieve much and yet another week has flown by.
Great family photos and good luck to DS2 with the driving.
Hugs xx