Sunday, 5 June 2011

I feel another mini book coming on.........

I have been in "Lego World!"
 I decided at the start of my holiday to get out all the boy's Lego from the loft and sort it into sets and sell it on Ebay, to help finance the driving lessons that will be starting next Monday for DS2! First of all I sorted it all into colours, then I found all the instruction leaflets in a ring binder, that I had kept safe (I am soooo organised!!!!) and I systematically sorted every set!!! I have just listed 40 sets of Lego on eBay! Phew I am worn out!
All neatly bagged and ready to roll and I am just left with this tiny box of spares!
Not a bad job! I thought it might be a good idea to eventually make a mini album of the forty sets they did own between them! It's nice to look back on, like I did with my Sindy things, without having the clutter of the items, but having the financial benefit of the proceeds! I love this scrapbooking hobby! Brilliant! TFlx
P.S. Don't ever let anyone tell you Ebay money comes easy, it takes hours to earn it!!! If you have the time, it's great!

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Susan said...

My son was very much a Lego lover, too. I still have his and have been thinking about what to do with them. Wish I was as motivated as you to package them all up! Well done!

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