Friday, 3 June 2011

Rock Challenge - Second place!

Not bad considering it was the Northern Premier final, against 11 other schools. I had made this layout using my son's picture from the front page of the local paper, which I scanned to try and preserve it. He had the lead role of God in their production which was a take on the poem Paradise Lost. For the layout,  I used a sheet of October afternoon paper with a map of the West end of London on it and called the layout "Future, West End Star!"

I did some more stitching on this layout using the Sew Easy, a sort of Blanket stitch effect to join the two pieces of paper. I also "zinged" some more stars, this time in black. Here are the colours I have so far!
Slight improvement on the headache front today, only one migraine tablet so far! Got to accompany hubby out tonight for work to a local stately home, so  I hope I am up to it! It should be a beautiful evening. TFLx

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SusieJ said...

OMG - not your post, just the fact that I can comment - Blogger has locked me out of most of the blogs I follow.
Well done to DS2, sorry to hear about your migraines (mine got worse after pregnancy) and hope you had a fabulous evening.
Big hugs xx