Thursday, 28 July 2011

Attention! Scrapping alert!!

I know you are shocked but I have managed three pages for my album this week!
Monday I spent trying to rediscover the craft room, from the dumping ground it had become, then Monday night I did some scrapping! May review page was almost finished, so I just had to finish it off. I called it May best bits as it was all about my 50th!
I then went on to do June review and another page too! Phew, at least the mojo was starting to return. The review pages are hard and actually have very little room left on them once you have all the photo's, so although there is not much space, it's harder to make them individual, or they look too cluttered! It is not like normal scrapping, where you say less is more! Anyway, I am now up to date with the review pages, just before July comes to a close! The weekly pages are roughly planned by topic, but not yet executed!!
Tuesday I was Vaxing carpets and then went for an Indian head massage in the evening, (a birthday present.) Yesterday I had a headache all day :( Anyway lets hope all those toxins have been eliminated and I was very good and have not had any caffeine since and have drunk lots of water. 
Today is a lovely sunny day and I have two baskets of ironing to do! Having two boys at home has suddenly trebled the washing! Not sure how or why??!!
I washed Barney's crfat room blanket yesterday and threw it on the stairs when it had dried, for someone to carry up, next thing I see him huddled on it!!!!
"Why have I got to lie on this narrow step mum???? This is my clothy!!!" Awwwwww! So cute. The flash has shown up his cateracts, you can see how blind he is now bless him!
Ok, can put it off no longer, the ironing it is! Will photo the other layouts for tomorrow. TFLx

Sunday, 24 July 2011

End of term-itis!

Well thank goodness it's here and I am now on my six week break! There always seems so much to do in the final days and it ends up being manic! 
Planning the next six weeks, I have quite a lot to fit in!! I want to seriously get up to date with scrapping my 50th year album and I have not even been keeping a list of ideas!! The craft room has become a dumping ground as it always does when I am busy, so it may take a while to uncover the desk!!
eBaying the loft contents has been an obsession, but basically it means that the loft emptied into the craft room!! I am coming to the end of that and what has not sold will find its way to the charity shop. If only I could stop buying from eBay I might be fine!! I have a thing about picnic baskets!!

These have become my latest chosen form of storage for all my vintage china and the top case here has been used to store some of my many mini albums!!
Other things that have been keeping me busy! I tried out some new recipes last night, having watched Ina Garten - Barefoot Contessa on Food Network You just have to invest in some measuring cups and I always have the quantities too!! I made this Pastitsio last night. Here it is just before it went in the oven!

and I made Rum Raisin Tiramissu! I think next time, I would go lighter on the rum!!
I was also road testing the new Dyson yesterday! The old one blew up and the shop said it was going to cost loads to repair, so we have a new one! There has to be some up sides to cleaning!
I need to get cracking with Vaxing some carpets and rugs this holiday too!! Did I call it a holiday??? I just swap one kind of work for another!! 
Also need to help my parents and having both boys at home all summer, the washing and ironing has suddenly doubled! How can one extra make all that difference? Getting DS2 on the road, ready for his test will also take some time and we are going on holiday for two weeks in August as all good teachers have to! All in all, a busy summer!
Off to York today, have not been for years! TFLx

Monday, 18 July 2011

End of term BBQ - in the rain!

We are getting there! Slowly but surely! The end of term is this week, thank goodness and we have all run out of steam! We had the end of term BBQ last Saturday, mostly in the rain, at a colleague's house and I always take wonderful photographs in their cottage garden.

I am leading the final staff meeting of the year tonight, it is a well-being meeting and I am introducing them all to scrapbooking! Wonder how that will go down! Better go and pack my stuff! 
DS 2 passed his driving theory test last Friday! That's the first part in the bag! Just got to get on with the practical! TFLx

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Cutlery holders, as promised!

I made these from a cheap tablecloth I bought in the supermarket in France. They are two oblongs of fabric, stitched around 3 sides and turned right way out, then stitch up the remaining side and press. Fold the bottom section up, lay on the cutlery for guidance and then pin and machine to form the sleeves for each item. The labels were tab tops left over from some old curtains. I stamped the words using Archival ink and then added an eyelet with my Cropadile. The ribbon closure was the easiest for of fastening as these might need washing frequently. Hopefully the silver will  not need cleaning so often now! TFLx

Monday, 11 July 2011

Finishing touches to the garden revamp

Another week has gone by again and I have not blogged! Hubby has been busy finishing off the revamped flower bed. We went to the garden centre for plants and of course we came home with a half price bargain! This little table and chairs is the perfect match for my shed colour! It means I have a little spot to have my lunch without getting the big table and chairs uncovered. The Lavender plants were from Sainsburys again and the whole bed has a blue and yellow theme going on with a hint of pink and white.
I finally got round to starting my mini album of my tea party tonight! It has been sitting waiting patiently on my "to do" pile and finally came to the top! I maybe should have been ironing, but, hey, ho! 
Been to see hubby's new office today, it is coming together nicely. Also managed a quick driving lesson with DS2 tonight too! Having DS1 home from Uni has made a difference to the washing ironing and food shopping again, so all in all a busy week! DS also took another tap exam - advance one.
Since last Monday and gardening at my parents, I have been battling with an insect bite that has turned to cellulitis! I am on a course of antibiotics and apart from my leg looking horrible it has now decided to make my ankle and foot swell too!
By the way, I have made several cutlery holders that I mentioned in my last post, but just forgot to photograph them! Will try to do that tomorrow! You see I have been very busy!!! Still not had time to open my Distrezz it all tool!! TFLx

Monday, 4 July 2011

Vintage tea cosy

I bought this tea cosy from eBay and it was just a thin linen "sham" cover that used to be put on an interior pad, so they could be washed separately.
I found this pattern on Etsy that had been taken from a 1933 Needlewoman magazine and been remastered and I have made my inner cosy using some cotton Calico and polyester wadding. 

Now the whole thing has been washed, ironed and assembled, I think it look fab! Just need to go and make a couple more now!
Was cleaning my newly acquired silver yesterday too, outside in the sun. I am going to sew some cutlery holders for these shortly and will let you know how I get on! TFLx