Thursday, 28 July 2011

Attention! Scrapping alert!!

I know you are shocked but I have managed three pages for my album this week!
Monday I spent trying to rediscover the craft room, from the dumping ground it had become, then Monday night I did some scrapping! May review page was almost finished, so I just had to finish it off. I called it May best bits as it was all about my 50th!
I then went on to do June review and another page too! Phew, at least the mojo was starting to return. The review pages are hard and actually have very little room left on them once you have all the photo's, so although there is not much space, it's harder to make them individual, or they look too cluttered! It is not like normal scrapping, where you say less is more! Anyway, I am now up to date with the review pages, just before July comes to a close! The weekly pages are roughly planned by topic, but not yet executed!!
Tuesday I was Vaxing carpets and then went for an Indian head massage in the evening, (a birthday present.) Yesterday I had a headache all day :( Anyway lets hope all those toxins have been eliminated and I was very good and have not had any caffeine since and have drunk lots of water. 
Today is a lovely sunny day and I have two baskets of ironing to do! Having two boys at home has suddenly trebled the washing! Not sure how or why??!!
I washed Barney's crfat room blanket yesterday and threw it on the stairs when it had dried, for someone to carry up, next thing I see him huddled on it!!!!
"Why have I got to lie on this narrow step mum???? This is my clothy!!!" Awwwwww! So cute. The flash has shown up his cateracts, you can see how blind he is now bless him!
Ok, can put it off no longer, the ironing it is! Will photo the other layouts for tomorrow. TFLx

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Anonymous said...

Awww - bless Barney....what a lovely old dog he is.
Glad the mojo has come back....Mgt.