Sunday, 24 July 2011

End of term-itis!

Well thank goodness it's here and I am now on my six week break! There always seems so much to do in the final days and it ends up being manic! 
Planning the next six weeks, I have quite a lot to fit in!! I want to seriously get up to date with scrapping my 50th year album and I have not even been keeping a list of ideas!! The craft room has become a dumping ground as it always does when I am busy, so it may take a while to uncover the desk!!
eBaying the loft contents has been an obsession, but basically it means that the loft emptied into the craft room!! I am coming to the end of that and what has not sold will find its way to the charity shop. If only I could stop buying from eBay I might be fine!! I have a thing about picnic baskets!!

These have become my latest chosen form of storage for all my vintage china and the top case here has been used to store some of my many mini albums!!
Other things that have been keeping me busy! I tried out some new recipes last night, having watched Ina Garten - Barefoot Contessa on Food Network You just have to invest in some measuring cups and I always have the quantities too!! I made this Pastitsio last night. Here it is just before it went in the oven!

and I made Rum Raisin Tiramissu! I think next time, I would go lighter on the rum!!
I was also road testing the new Dyson yesterday! The old one blew up and the shop said it was going to cost loads to repair, so we have a new one! There has to be some up sides to cleaning!
I need to get cracking with Vaxing some carpets and rugs this holiday too!! Did I call it a holiday??? I just swap one kind of work for another!! 
Also need to help my parents and having both boys at home all summer, the washing and ironing has suddenly doubled! How can one extra make all that difference? Getting DS2 on the road, ready for his test will also take some time and we are going on holiday for two weeks in August as all good teachers have to! All in all, a busy summer!
Off to York today, have not been for years! TFLx

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