Monday, 11 July 2011

Finishing touches to the garden revamp

Another week has gone by again and I have not blogged! Hubby has been busy finishing off the revamped flower bed. We went to the garden centre for plants and of course we came home with a half price bargain! This little table and chairs is the perfect match for my shed colour! It means I have a little spot to have my lunch without getting the big table and chairs uncovered. The Lavender plants were from Sainsburys again and the whole bed has a blue and yellow theme going on with a hint of pink and white.
I finally got round to starting my mini album of my tea party tonight! It has been sitting waiting patiently on my "to do" pile and finally came to the top! I maybe should have been ironing, but, hey, ho! 
Been to see hubby's new office today, it is coming together nicely. Also managed a quick driving lesson with DS2 tonight too! Having DS1 home from Uni has made a difference to the washing ironing and food shopping again, so all in all a busy week! DS also took another tap exam - advance one.
Since last Monday and gardening at my parents, I have been battling with an insect bite that has turned to cellulitis! I am on a course of antibiotics and apart from my leg looking horrible it has now decided to make my ankle and foot swell too!
By the way, I have made several cutlery holders that I mentioned in my last post, but just forgot to photograph them! Will try to do that tomorrow! You see I have been very busy!!! Still not had time to open my Distrezz it all tool!! TFLx

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SueB said...

Gosh! you have have been a busy bee!
I love your little table and chairs, and ofcourse the colour too :) Lavender is one of my faves, and have also just planted some in our garden, they always smell so wonderful.
Love the sound of your mini album and other bits you've been working on, looking forward to seeing those.
Sorry to hear about your insect bite, ouch! That really does sound painful, hope it clears up soon!
Suzie xxx :)