Monday, 5 September 2011

August Review collage

Just created my August review collage, before I forget what we did in August! Lol! I have already created July's collage, just not scrapped either of them yet! The 50th year album is off track!! 
Today was back to school for a training day and I have a long list of "to do's" that have still never got done!!! Friday I had a crown preparation at the dentist which was definitely not nice! I broke a tooth just before we went to Portugal, he tried to repair it and it crumbled even m ore so he slapped some temporary cement in whilst I went away with a view to this crown. Half of the temporary cement fell out when I sampled a locally grown almond on a market stall in Portugal so I have been dying to get back to the dentist! After an awful injection that was a direct hit on a blood vessel, I had to try and regroup for the rest of the appointment which lasted over an hour! Have to go back for the real crown in two weeks, but at the moment, I feel like "Jaws" out of James Bond, albeit, the tooth I broke is at the back, I just like to exaggerate a bit!!
Just realized, none of my tooth antics have been logged on the review of August, neither have I a photo pf DS2 and his AS results! How could I miss that! Will have to photograph the results sheet instead and do a page! He did really well with his dance and drama and English and has decided to drop French. He goes back on Wednesday to start his last year of schooling! A lot will change this year! 
DS1 is about to start his last year at Uni. Where did that time go????!!! 2012 is shaping up to be a really big year for both boys and their futures! TFLx

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