Sunday, 4 September 2011

I crafted!! Christening mini album

Last weekend we went to Olivia's christening and I ordered the photo's online straight away. When they arrived yesterday, I ran straight upstairs and made a few into a mini album, so I can get them posted off tomorrow before they lose their significance.
I made this album using these things;
The children's book was from a pound shop and it has a pocket for a CD in the front and I wanted to send all the photo's I took at the christening, on a disc for the parents to keep.
I covered each page with patterned paper using a glue stick and smoothing with a brayer, then I trimmed the excess and the handle with my craft knife.
I then got out my new Distrezz it all from Zutter, actually I ordered it ages ago and have never opened it! The pages fitted in three at a time so I did all the edges apart from the hinge, in groups of three. The inner handle I filed neatly with my Basic Grey Precision file set in various shapes.
I tore out a couple of poems from the old children's verse book and used it in the bottom of the box when I misted the fabric strip I used to make the flower. The fabric strip was a Pink Paislee mistable out of my latest SC kit. Once misted and dried, I gathered it up in my fingers and then held it in place with a couple of stitches.
I then arranged the photo's in the book and made a tag for the front cover, with her initial and an old playing card along with a 'handmade' fabric label. I tied ribbon through the handle of the first page as a final decoration. 
The photo on the cover I altered in photoshop. At the start of the christening, we were held up as the vicar said "Cinderella has lost her shoe!" Olivia's christening shoe had been lost somewhere between the car and the font, so everyone the parents went rushing off looking for it! Later at the reception afterwards, I was playing with Olivia in the pushchair and her shoe fell off on the grass, so I was able to grab a snap that I thought would be great for my front cover! The parents don't know yet and I think they will be surprised! I altered it to sepia and added the title and date in pink for the finishing touch.
The back page has the original on it.
here are some of the remaining pages.

It turns out the parents had secretly married that week too, so the reception was a sort of wedding reception. I hope this will be a great memento for them. The disc with all my pics is inside the front. TFLx


Heather said...

What a lovely gift! Im sure the parents will be thrilled with it & so will Olivia when she is older xx

SueB said...

Beautiful album, I'm sure it will be treasure. I had that little poem book from when I was a child, still have somewhere, I think? it's just beautiful.
Suzie xxxx :)

Anonymous said...

A lovely idea & what a super little album that book has made....Mgt.

CoventryAnn said...

A beautiful gift, I'm sure they loved it :)