Monday, 19 September 2011

This Year's holiday mini album

Finally, after I had promised it days ago, I have just photographed my Portugal, paper bag album, even though it was dark by the time I remembered!!
I made the basic album from a mixture of bags, some paper bags from my Studio Calico kit, some plastic shopping bags from Zara and Promod where we shopped on holiday and a paper carrier from Mango too. I made them all the same size, then laid them on top of each other with a central fold marked. I used the Cropadile Big Bite to punch through all the layers and then stitched the spine, with a bodkin threaded with ribbon, to make a secure fastening.  I used a back stitch and knotted the ribbon together at the ends. I covered the pages with patterned paper and then placed some fabric tape over the stitching to reinforce the spine inside and out. I decorated the pages with Washi tape and used some decorative edges trimmed from the patterned papers, so as not to waste anything.

I used labels and tickets to make journaling blocks and page tabs. Everything has been reused!

I even managed to reuse the rosette from an ice cream dessert to flatten and then gather into a flower. The cord tied around the mini album is white with beads and came off my sunhat that I managed to use to death on holiday and it did not survive the packing for journey home!

Hope you enjoyed a selection of my pages from this year's holiday! TFLx

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