Saturday, 8 October 2011

He passed!

 It is with much relief that I can announce he passed his driving test on Thursday am at 11.20!!!
I was so nervous I washed everything in sight in the house whilst I waited for news! We have fresh clean bed linen and towels throughout the house! I had to keep busy!! He rushed home so that we could sort out the insurance and he could drive straight off to school and he has not been in since!! I think it is the single most important thing that signifies independence! Suddenly, you are own your own! Literally!! I stood and watched him go on his first solo drive, he said it was weird! But he loved it!! Suddenly he is volunteering to go everywhere!  I managed to snap these two pics much to his annoyance!! Love how he has his tongue out on the first one! Lol!
Last night he was out at the cinema with friends and he will be driving himself to dance class from now on! The end of my taxi service! What will I do with all the extra time I will gain??? Another layout to do now! This is turning out to be a big year! I am thinking of layouts faster than I can make them!

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