Thursday, 27 October 2011

I caught up July

I suddenly realised I had done a layout for August review and missed July. I remember making the photo collage, but I had never printed it out, so here it is. Went all bright and funky on this one in red and yellow. Used some red washi tape again in polka dots and tartan. Some journaling, but not much.
I have been buying things to start making for a craft fayre I have agreed to do. I was not going to do one this year, but with the recent news of DS2 getting in to dance school in London, I figured I needed to start a fund for him! So I am committed now, so I had better get cracking! I will use some of the projects for this year's Christmas countdown too, so it will kill two birds with one stone. Hubby is not convinced as all I seem to have done this week is spend money on things I need for the projects, so let's hope it turns around into a profit eventually! I don't do cards often but I made 8 the other night, so that is a start. I am going to try and do more presents than Christmas decorations, but I will have Christmas things in the countdown too. TFLx

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