Thursday, 20 October 2011

Just a number!

80 - I flit about making layouts from June, then August, then September, then last weekend in London! There seems no rhyme or reason to it, but eventually it will be an album (or two) of my fiftieth year in pictures!! Here is a layout from September, my mum's 80th birthday to be precise. 
20 - I decided to go 'large' on the picture and then added an Ali Edwards overlay of number 20 for the actual date of her birthday. 
The title is "80 is just a number" is made using blank chipboard letters with Teal green Zing embossing powder.
When the mood takes me, I am turning out loads of layouts and then, other times, months go by without any creativity at all!!! Is everyone like this??  I must be in a creative splurge stage, as I cannot remember if I have blogged this or not! Just had to check back! If I have layouts waiting in a queue to be blogged, life is good!
1 - Yesterday I broke up for half term, one week's holiday and am looking forward to some crafty time - not sure if it will happen though, as hubby is off work for the week too! Got some time out and about planned, including taking mum to revisit her roots, so that will require more layouts! 
2- I have two big jobs to do - I have been deciding whether to do my traditional Christmas countdown on the blog during November. I worry that I do not have as much time as I used to have somehow! I was also asked to do a craft fair recently and I should, that way at least I have to craft as I have an excuse - orders to fill! However, I am a little scared to take on more than I can chew! I also need to prepare my December Daily album. I was tempted to buy the SC one that Ali Edwards is using this year, until I saw the price and so far I have convinced myself, that the ones that I usually make are just fine. What I need to do is check that I have plenty of Christmas papers. So much to do and so little time! 
10 - Today I made myself catch up on cleaning the downstairs of the house and iron an overloaded ironing basket full of stuff (how can hubby possibly have worn 10 shirts since last time I ironed????) Thanks goodness for Poirot on the Sky plus!!
3 - Also managed at least three loads of washing too so the ironing basket wont be empty for long!
0 - I am home alone! Nobody here except me (and Barney of course!) Maybe tonight I could have a TV dinner up in the craft room and play to my heart's content - well I did do housework & ironing!!! TFLx

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Fabulous layout!!