Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Back in June I photographed my lavender hedge. It has been in two years now and is doing well despite the harsh winter. In July I decided to have a go at cutting it and drying it. I was not sure when to cut it and in fact may have left it too late, but I figured if it all dropped off the stems I could use it in a bowl around the house for fragrance.

I picked this much!! I tied it into smaller bundles and hung it upside down in the garage for a few weeks to air dry. 
I used another photo of my Lavender along with a postcard I already owned from a few years ago to create this layout.
I wanted a french feel to this layout, so I decided to use my french script stamp, but I wanted a random edge not a block of stamping on each corner, so I made a torn edge mask from some scrap paper then stamped over it, before removing the scrap paper mask to reveal a random edge. I love the effect.
Stamped in Jenni Bowlin ink - Spice tin and another stamp with ink called Lavender sachet. TFLx

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Sandra said...

Such a beautiful layout