Saturday, 26 November 2011

The advent of Advent! Are you ready?

Now my Christmas countdown is over and my little Christmas Craft fayre at school is done, I can finally turn my attention to advent which starts tomorrow (in the church year). I was reminded by my son that I need to search out the advent calendars, but I decided to do a cost cutting exercise on the chocolates that fill the calendar (much to my sons disgust!!) and make them myself! You might be able to do this next year if you think ahead and save a mould like I did from one of our previous advent calendars that we got as a gift! It's not that I'm being tight, but we are all looking for ways to economise this year and I am no exception! If you do it this way you often get a nicer tasting chocolate into the bargain!
It is hard to see I know but this is the clear plastic mould I saved from a previous year's chocolates. There are tree, angel, cracker and robin shapes in it to name but a few.
I mixed a couple of bars of Sainsbury's basics milk chocolate with half a bar of the more expensive Menier dark chocolate.
I melted them together in the microwave for a minute or so depending on the power of your microwave, but be careful not to overdo it or the chocolate will lose it's temper and be ruined.
Using some low fat cooking spray, spray the mould and wipe over with kitchen towel to remove all the excess, or your shapes wont be shiny. Drizzle the chocolate into the moulds using a teaspoon until full.
Slightly overfill each one as they do shrink as they cool. When cool, turn them out and trim away any excess chocolate from the sides with a warmed sharp knife.
Here are some of the shapes;

Nice little chocolate shapes at a fraction of the cost of filling each day with a fun size! For those wanting to do a non sweet advent calendar, try filling each day with a note of things you will share together or do each day as a treat.
Will be blogging again tomorrow about my Studio Calico reveal wish list! TFLx

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voodoo vixen said...

You amaze me... they look better than the average choccies that come out of advent calendars and taste a bit well... sort of, not chocolatey!!