Friday, 11 November 2011

Christmas Countdown Project 11 - Card Keeper/recipe album gift

You can never have too many cards! Some months are worse than others for lots of birthdays, but we all need cards at sometime or other! I have made a card keeper box before, but this time I am making a folder with twelve pockets that people could use for each month and I am including a range of cards, 1 in each pocket, including a few Christ,as cards. A simple and cheap gift to make, that anyone will appreciate. If you are not a brilliant card maker (which I am not!) you can get tons of inspiration on the Internet. I often go to Kirsty Wiseman for some of her card inspiration, it's just my style.
You will need:
6 sheets of double sided paper for the pages
More sheets of double sided paper to cover two chipboard covers
Two chipboard pages from a children's book form a charity shop
Double sided tape
BIA machine
O wire in 1 1/4" (two pieces 6 rings long
Large eyelets and Cropadile
12 handmade greeting cards to fill it

1. Trim the sheets of double sided paper in half so they measure 6 inches by 12. Score 4" up from the lower edge and fold.
Do this to all twelve pages. Use double sided tape to seal the far side short edge, the other will be sealed and held in place by the BIA wire.
2. Trim the chipboard covers to slightly larger than 8" x 6" then cover them in papers of your choice, using a glue stick to stick the paper down. Trim with a craft knife.
3. Mark up and punch holes in the pages using your BIA. I used two small pieces of O wire and just did holes at the top and bottom for a change. Line up and punch the covers, taking into account they are slightly bigger than the pages.
Secure the O wire using the BIA, trim the spine with ribbon off cuts and add a title to the front.
4. Insert a handmade card into each of the pages.
I could have stamped each page with the month, but I decided not to, so the recipient can use this book for what they want. they may want to list birthdays on each page.
6. Using the Cropadile Big Bite and large eyelets set one in the centre of the front and back cover and thread ribbon through for a tie closure.
This is one I made with a smaller O wire and was going to put some blank recipe cards in each pocket as another gift idea or a set of tried and trusted favourite family recipes for someone just setting up home or even a student. 
Join me tomorrow for another crafting project! TFLx

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Cat said...

I think this is a great idea. I was looking for a way to save my cards for the year. Thanks for sharing!