Monday, 14 November 2011

Christmas Countdown Project 14 - Candle jars revisited

Having been given these rather nice tall jars (very large Bonne Maman, 2lb jars I think, from France) I decided to revisit a previous popular crafting project I saw in Germany last year and have made a few times since - candle jars. The printing on the candles was done as in this project here, but this time I used small lantern candle with small transfers.
Here are the ones I made this year using last years same red theme.
You need some coloured candle sand and coloured candles, some wired greenery and different decorations. I made the wooden tags the same as in this project and stamped them, before tying them on with garden twine. Some have added sleigh bells and red yarn.
The spiked, pillar candle holders have proven the most difficult thing to find. I only had two left that I bought in Germany last year, but have finally tracked some down in one of the florists locally. Anyway, as part of the making of these candle jars I had the handles from the smaller sealed IKEA jars left over, so I decided to adapt them into hangers for the jam jars above, here is how I did it. If you want to you could just make the handle totally from scratch using the same thickness wire.
You need to make a collar for the jam jar using wire and two pairs of pliers.
I used a reel of wire from the local DIY store, quite flexible and easy to work with but thicker than normal florist wire. I think it is used in fencing/garden wiring for plants, but not sure. Twist two pieces together either side of the jar until it grips the neck of the jar tightly. Turn the ends of the wires around the pliers to form decorative loops.
Using the pliers, bend the ring off the large IKEA jar lid discarded from the above red candle jar project, until you can get it to hook onto the wire collar you just made on the jam jar. 
Here you can see them stood up as handles to hang the lanterns with. Add a woven ribbon bow, a wooden, stamped tag and some candle sand with your transfer printed candle and you have some cute lantern gifts. You can keep it a more neutral colour-way for use all year around. So the cast offs from one project, form the basis for another! This year the cast off glass lids have become large tealight holders here.

I made a collar of twisted vine wire and pearl beaded wire to go around the edge of the glass lid. I added some rusty wire hearts I made and a few buttons for a sweet table decoration, perfect for the larger sized tea lights from IKEA. Candles galore this year, but nothing wasted! You could also make these small candle lanterns from old Kilner jars or any vintage jars you find on a famous auction site, like these I got last year.
Hope this post makes sense!  Join me tomorrow for another crafting project. TFLx

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CoventryAnn said...

These look fabulous, I would be so pleased to get one of these beauties as a gift :)