Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Christmas Countdown Project 16 - An apron for Christmas

Aprons are always a nice gift to give at Christmas and this Cath Kidston inspired apron was easy to make. I actually got the pattern from a "Tilda" Homestyle book but it is just a series of rectangles. 
It is like the chefs wear, in that it is tied at the front, so that you can tuck a hand-wiping towel under the belt for use as you work.
You could use these for presents with a cookbook or some coloured spatulas!
You will need:
A metre of fabric (I bought a metre of two different coloured fabrics and then mixed and matched them.)
Sewing Machine

1. Cut a strip about 15" x 36"  in one fabric and an 8" x 36" strip in a contrast fabric. Then cut 3 shorter strips that you will join later to make a length about three yards long by about 6" wide.
2. Join the 8" strip to the 15" strip along one long edge and press. Topstitch close to the seam to neaten.
3. Join the 3 x 6" strips to form the long strip for the apron straps.
Press these seams open and then fold the strip length ways, with the right sides out and press. 
4. Fold in the sides of the apron twice and stitch them to neaten.
5. Turn up the bottom hem of the apron with a double hem, but slightly wider this time and stitch to neaten.
6. Along the top edge of the apron, trap the raw edge inside the centre of the long strap strip, turn under the raw edges and stitch along.
Stitch right to the end of each strap. I trapped a small belt loop made of fabric in this waistband at one end, so you can thread the long strap through it before passing it back to the front of the apron.
I also added a small label of my own to the lower edge, I made it using photo transfer paper. 
Check out some of the other aprons I have made for Christmas using the 'search this blog' button with the keyword 'apron.'
Join me tomorrow for another crafting project. TFLx

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jeanie g said...

This is definitely another make for Christmas gifts. xx