Monday, 21 November 2011

Christmas Countdown Project 21 - Tealights to go!

I know that candles are featuring many times in this countdown, but these just make great gifts at a reasonable price.
I got my Chinese take out box template, from a box I bought in America, but there are plenty on the internet to download and use. I cut off the lid sections, so it fitted on a 12x12 piece of card, so I could add a cellophane cover, to allow you to see what is inside. The tealights and glass holders were from IKEA.
You will need;
Card stock
Wire to make a handle
Tissue paper or wrapping paper to pad out the box
2 large brads
Cropadile Big bite
Ribbon off cut
Tag with twine
Two tickets cut from Kraft card
Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher or stapler
Strip of cellophane
Double sided tape
Tealights and holders - I put 8 tealights and 4 glass holders in each pack
Fine nosed pliers

1. Using the take out box template, draw around the outside on to the cardstock and cut out. Mark the hole for the handle and punch with the Big Bite on the small eyelet setting.
I used some My Minds Eye coloured kraft card stock for mine.
2. Turn in the top edge on the four sides of the box with double sided tape, to make them stronger and more rigid.
3. Assemble the box with the flaps around the outside for decoration and fasten together with the large brad through the handle holes you made earlier.
4. Using the Cropadile, make a second hole just above the large brad, to take the wire handle. Using a length of wire for a handle, about 30cms long, curl the ends into loops using some fine nosed pliers, and thread through these two holes, bending the handle square at each corner as in the photograph.
5. To fill the container, make a cushion of tissue or wrapping paper in the bottom, arrange the tea lights and glass holders on the top and cover the contents with the cellophane securing it under the base with sticky tape. Decorate the handle with a knot of ribbon. To make the ticket, cut an oblong of Kraft paper and punch off the corners using a circle punch. Edge with a coloured ink pad and then write "Number 21 - Tea lights to go!" or similar on the tag before stapling to a second tag, either side of the wire handle.
I also added a second tag with the exact contents on the back and decorated the front with a Christmas "'tis the season" stamp. Cute gift! This take out box would work great for other gift ideas too! Maybe even the homemade shortbread we did in an earlier project.
Join me tomorrow for another crafting project. TFLx

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