Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Christmas Countdown Project 23 - Come out wee Mousie!!!!

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!!!
I love Mailig Mouses!!! (Can I say that???) Lol! 
I have been looking for a pattern that I could adapt to make my own mouse. I finally found one here that I could alter slightly, so this is what I used. I downloaded the pattern from there and then altered the mouse to have a longer snout. If you are going to do that too you need to lengthen the central head panel too.
I had to make him a tail too! I plaited some neutral coloured cord and stitched it on the back. I altered the position of the ears too! If I made it again, I would make the arms and legs slightly shorter - arms particularly.
You will need;
Linen fabric for the mouse
Off cut of floral fabric for the inner ears and body
Cord for the tail
Sewing Machine
1. Cut out the pattern pieces, adding a 1/4 inch on all edges for a seam allowance. Pin them on to the double layer of fabric for all the pieces. Don't forget to cut the arm and leg pieces twice on the double fabric.
Cut the body and one pair of ear pieces from the floral fabric.
2. Stitch the arm and leg pieces together in pairs.
Turn the right way out and then stuff carefully and evenly with the polyester stuffing using a pencil to help push it down. Leave the top of each arm and leg flat, not stuffed right to the end.
3. Stitch a plain ear to a floral ear in a pair.
Turn the right way out and press flat. Pin in position on the head piece and stitch the three head panels together carefully, to make it three dimensional. (Sorry forgot to photo this - the most important bit!!) Turn it right side out and stuff carefully.
Stitch the arms and legs to one of the body pieces. Then stitch the head in place. Carefully
Stitch the second body piece over the top - you may have to do this by hand. Stuff the body and stitch up the last seam.
4. Make a tail from plaited cord and stitch to the back of the body. Tie a narrow ribbon around the neck in a bow. Using two tiny buttons for eyes, stitch these in place from one side of the head to the other pulling tight to make them sink in slightly. Stitch a bead on for the nose. PLEASE NOTE: if giving this to a child make a small felt eye instead.
I have to say that someone else in this house has decided that this is his!
I found him carrying it around the house like a baby! Will be wrapping it for him for Christmas!
Join me tomorrow for the penultimate crafting project of this years Christmas Countdown. TFLx

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