Thursday, 3 November 2011

Christmas Countdown Project 3 - Padded coat hangers

These are a great gift for old and young. Grandma's love them and now young people love them if they match their bedroom or bathroom scheme. Also good for the auntie who has everything!
You will need;
Wooden coat hangers with a hook on a screw thread that you can remove easily and put back. If you are going to pad them yourself you will need to wind them with wadding. 
Be careful with your choice of hanger, as the cheaper ones often break! I bought some already padded ones from the Range in a pack of 3, very boring! 
Some fabric of your choice to cover the hanger. It needs to be a strip approximately twice as high and twice as long as the hanger plus seam allowances.

1. First carefully unscrew the hook from the hanger and set on one side.
2. Cut a strip of fabric approximately twice as long as the hanger and twice as wide plus seam allowances of about 0.5 cm (more if the fabric frays badly.)
3. Fold in half along the short edges so you have the right side of the fabric on the inside of the long sausage shape. Stitch around one end and along the top, stopping half way along to leave a 1.5cm gap to reinsert the hanger hook later, then restart and stitch to the other end, leaving one end open for turning the right way out.
4. Turn the fabric sausage the right way out. Notice it has one rounded end sewn and one end open.
Thread the padded hanger inside this tube, mine was already padded so this part was easy as the satin slipped in side well. Turn in and close the remaining open end with small stitching by hand or if you prefer, by machine. Feel for the hole for the hook with a bodkin or pokey tool and then re screw the hook back in the wood.
5. This next part is the most tricky but you don't have to be an expert sewer and there is no right and wrong! All you are doing is securing the outer fabric in gathers to the wadding underneath.  Thread a needle with a long length of double cotton. Tie a small not. Gather the fabric gently and evenly on to the hanger, and starting from one end do some small stab stitches to attach the fabric here and there to the wadding underneath. Stab the needle in and come out about an inch further on, hiding the stitch inside a small pleat, then stab back in here, leaving a tiny stitch and come out another inch along. Just keep moving along securing the folds here and there with tiny stitches.
Here is a hanger half done. The left side has the gathers secured the right side is yet to be gathered up. You may need to have a couple of long lengths of thread. I turned the hanger over and put some stitches here and there in the other side too and a couple of small stitches either side of the hole where the metal hook went in to close the  gap.
Now you're done! You can go on to cover more! I will be making some lavender sachets later in the countdown, to go with these.
I got this fabric from the Range too as it reminded me of a Cath Kidston fabric. TFLx Come back tomorrow for another crafting project.

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