Saturday, 5 November 2011

Christmas Countdown Project 5 - Image transfer on candles

Although I have wanted to have a go at these, I have never done so before. This year is the year! I watched Heidi Swapp here and this clip here and decided to have a go myself. This is what I came up with as my technique, which is a mixture of the two!
You will need;
A plain pillar/church candle, pale inn colour
Tissue paper
Ink jet printer
Wax paper (sold for food use)
Heat gun
1. First stick the tissue paper to a piece of card. I started folding it around the cardboard and sticking it on the back with sellotape, but my printer did not like this and ripped it!
So I did what Heidi did and glued a piece of tissue the exact size of A4 to a piece of printer paper, around the edge using glue stick. That worked a treat in my printer!
2. Print your chosen image from the Internet from a copyright free site. I used the Graphics Fairy. By the way, one of the tutorials I read advised me to print the design in mirror image, which I did, but I notice that Heidi just does it the normal way round!
Cut out the images close to the edge. I cut through both the paper and tissue at the same time, to get a neat edge and then discarded the printer paper backing, so I was just left with the tissue paper layer.
3. Place the design on the candle so the writing is the correct way around.
Cover the design with a layer of waxed paper and then gather up the spare at the back to hold the candle whilst you apply your heat gun.
Work all over the design with the heat, taking care not to hold it too long in one place. You know when the image has been transferred as the wax shows up shiny on the wax paper layer you are holding. Heat all the design making sure to do the edges. Carefully remove the wax paper checking the design is smooth and secure. Now you are done!
I also did this one with a coloured image and tore the top edge of the design to give a more irregular, blended look to the picture. 
Disclaimer! I have not tried burning one of these candles yet, but I assume that they burn in the normal way. I will let you know!
REMEMBER TO BE CANDLESAFE! Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Join me tomorrow for another crafting project. TFLx

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