Monday, 7 November 2011

Christmas Countdown Project 7 - Mug Warmer gift

Mugs with mug warmers seem to be the trend this year! I have made these simple mug warmers from Cath Kidston fabric off cuts and filled the mugs with treats for a couple of hot chocolate drinks!
You will need;
A mug of your choice - as straight sided as possible
Fabric off cuts
Polyester Wadding off cut
Paper pattern (Mug warmer template for my mug is here)
Ribbon to tie the mug warmer
2 Hot chocolate sachets
10 Marshmallow snowmen
6 Snow Bite chocolates
1 Candy cane
2 Cellophane bags
Mini ribbon off cut
1. Measure the circumference of the mug you have chosen and draw a rectangle this length by the appropriate width of your mug on some paper to make a pattern. Round the ends of the rectangle, so they thread through the mug handle. If you fold your template in half when cutting the ends to shape, both ends will be identical when you open it out again. Add 1/4 inch extra around the edges for a seam allowance and then cut out in two layers of fabric and one of thin wadding. ( I used plain fabric for the back where you wont see it.)
2. Place the fabric pieces right sides together and then lay on top of the wadding layer. 

Pin through all the thicknesses and stitch around 1/4 inch from the edge, leaving a gap on one long side so you can turn it the right way out. Turn the right way out and press. Topstitch all around the edge, very close to the edge to finish it off neatly and don't forget to stitch the two lengths of ribbon on, one at either end. That is the mug warmer finished. Tie it on the mug.
3. To fill the mug, place two sachets of Hot Chocolate in the mug along with a candy cane for stirring. I made a small cellophane bag filled with Marshmallow snowmen, which I tied up at the top with a thin ribbon off cut.
For the chocolate treat, I placed six Chocolate snow bites in another cone of cellophane and secured it closed with double sided tape.
Assemble all the items in the mug. You could then wrap the whole thing in cellophane if you want, you could add the snowman soup rhyme too from 2009! The mug warmer will be washable if it does get any hot chocolate on it!
Join me tomorrow for another craft project! TFLx

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