Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Christmas Countdown Project 8 - Covered Notebooks

You can never have too many notebooks! I am busy filling one right now with all my ideas and lists for this Christmas countdown! What a great gift idea. I have left mine plain to add a title later, but if you know what it is going to be used for, you could decorate the cover. I have used a floral fabric and a vintage map to cover mine.
A selection of hardback notebooks
Fabric or vintage paper map to cover them
Backing paper to line the inside of the cover in a co-ordinating pattern or colour
PVA glue
Silicone adhesive/glossy accents
Cropadile Big Bite
Large button
Cardstock button e.g. Jenni Bowlin type (needs to be flat and thin, you could make one!)
Linen thread for closure

1. Cut out a rectangle of fabric or map slightly larger than the notebook all around. Using a foam spreader, spread PVA on the outside cover of the book and smooth the fabric or map over the outer cover, using a brayer to remove any air bubbles. Leave to dry
2. Trim the excess from the corners, then mitre and fold in on the inside of the front and back cover and secure in place with Glossy accents or silicone glue. Try to make sure the corners and spine are as neat as possible. Leave open, to dry fully again.

3. Cut the backing paper to the size of the inside cover, making sure that it will cover any raw edges. Glue in place using silicone adhesive or glossy accents. Leave open to dry fully.

Using a ruler, find the centre of the front edge to position the button. Mark and punch two holes so that you can sew the button through the cover. Take a long length of the linen string, thread on the button, leaving a short end of thread for tying later, then pass through the cover to the inside of the book, thread on the cardboard button, then come back through the second hole on the cardboard button, the second hole in the book cover and finally, the second hole in the button itself, tie a knot with the two ends of thread. You should have a very short end and a very long one (big enough to wrap around the whole book twice!). Pass the linen string back trough the button, so that you are between the button and the front outer cover, then wind the string around the button to create a shank, I wound it around three or four times and then knotted it. This long end of thread can now be used to wrap around the whole book twice and finish with a couple of turns around the button for a temporary closure to enable you to get in and out of the book easily.
It seems a lot of words to describe a simple closure, but I hope you understand! I am on the look out for some nice pens I can tuck under the string to add to the gift before wrapping. Join me again tomorrow for another craft project! 
P.S.I would love you to leave comments if you are going to give any of these projects a try! It's nice to know how many people are coming back each day, but I appreciate it takes time! Hope you have been inspired. TFLx

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jeanie g said...

This is a brilliant Project. Thank you for all your detailed tutorials I'm following eagerly and enjoying every single one. xx