Sunday, 27 November 2011

A cold winter chill :(

Our central heating boiler packed up last night about half past ten, so we are experiencing a cold winter chill - indoors!!! Why do these things always happen at a weekend????? I may be forced to do the ironing just to warm up!!!!  Well it is an option I have thought about, but as yet have not been that desperate! Fortunately we were invited to my sisters for lunch today, so as long as we can survive tonight, we will hopefully be able to get someone out tomorrow to look at it.
Just made the Studio Calico reveal and was very happy to get myself a couple of add ons. I have not let myself buy add ons for a while, but I wanted the Christmas add on for the December Daily album next year 
and I loved the first add on with its vintage style and linen background stamp! Fab!
Off to make another hot coffee to warm up! TFLx

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voodoo vixen said...

Oh dear... hope it isn't too cold for you tonight and you get someone to fix it quickly!! When I'm cold I tend to get the vacuum out and do all the carpets... soon as warm as toast and have a clean house in the bargain!! We have had grade 1 tornado winds in Calgary today... watching people lose their roofs is pretty scary stuff!! Mine stayed on luckily... will get the insurance to come and sort out a few lose tiles tomorrow!!