Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Craft Fayre for Christmas

I was doing all this crafting for Christmas for the Christmas Countdown and my school Christmas fayre.
I did a mock up of my stall at home on the dining table first, before going to school so I could be able to set it up much more quickly on the night. I bought a large patchwork double duvet  cover for the table drape and added some of my DIY bunting to the front. I then used some of my picnic boxes and old wine boxes and wooden trugs I have collected to display my wares as well as some vintage china. The vintage china in the wicker hamper was the china I bought for my tea party earlier this year, which I have decided to try and hire out. 
I displayed it all and included some leaflets about the hire and what was included. I displayed my shop sign which is the same as my Etsy shop logo.
I made lots of the things I crafted for the Christmas countdown. Unfortunately the sale was not as well attended as I would have hoped, so I am hosting a couple of evenings this week for friends and family to purchase. I have made my mince pies and have the mulled wine ready to warm. All systems go tomorrow and Thursday, let's hope I do better this time. 
All set with the December Daily for tomorrow? I have bought a new mug for the occasion! 

Never had a Christmas mug before! Will be back tomorrow with my first DD post. TFLx

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jeanie g said...

Wow that table was groaning under all your gorgeous hand made goodies. It's a sign of the times we live in that it wasn't that well attended I'm afraid. It was the same for me too this year. Didn't even sell enough to cover the hire of my pitch!! I have loads of handmade pressies now though so they wont be wasted. I think people are buying more on-line with plastic than ever before!!