Monday, 28 November 2011

Squirrel playtime!

 I was watching two squirrels, from my office desk, playing together in the trees! Could I photograph them????? Could I heck! Here they are disappearing behind the hedge,
 here is one but not the other!
 Here is one and the tail of the other!!!
Decided to go for single shots instead!

Even then the branches were getting in my way! Not bad though, through glass and handheld on max zoom at about 20 feet away! I am rather happy with them!
By the way, the offending boiler, has just this minute been fixed. I am slowly thawing out.
Barney is unhappy with me switching the gas fire off though! He was enjoying toasting!
Ok, well I suppose I better get back on with my school work now. Distractions over! Cute though! I feel a squirrel layout coming on! TFLx


SueB said...

Lovely photos, and so glad you managed to sort your boiler problem out. It really is never ending! After all our building work last year, we have now discovered a huge leak under our new kitchen floorboards, which not only means replacing a lot of the boards, but may have to take down some of the new kitchen too to fix it! We only moved back in in Feb, yikes! Glad you will be toasty this Winter :)

Suzie xxx :)

SusieJ said...

I love the squirrel photos (and look forward to the LO!!
Barney looks so comfy there..shame on you switching the fire off!! lol
Hugs xx