Friday, 30 December 2011

A New Year coming - A New Project!

I have decided to have a go at project life in 2012. Having completed my December Daily for the last 3 years, I felt this was a good project to tackle! Also having done an album of my 50th year in 2011, next year is hubbys 50th year so that might be a nice way to chart it! DS1 will graduate and DS2 will go to dance school in London, it is also the Olympic year, so I think there will be plenty to talk about!
I first came across this on Ali Edwards blog where she does project 365. There is a specific album and stash available in the US, but I, as usual, am doing my own thing, the cheaper way!
 I have purchased an American Crafts album in size 8.5x11 including 20 page protectors.
I have also purchased various acid free, divided page protectors from in A4 size which are similar. This gives me a variety of pages to work on, using journaling cards of various sizes.

As you can see the American crafts dividers are slightly wider and not as tall but the whole thing stays inside the album cover, so I am happy.
I have searched the web for ideas and found some good sites for advice. Stephanie Howell gave some great links here on her blog, as well as sharing her title page. She mentioned Creativity prompt where I have downloaded free journaling cards, (which come in adobe format or PNG files if you have photoshop) and printed them out on card using my Epson Printer. (Adobe reader is free on the Internet if you don't already have it.)

Although I have this printer, sometimes the photo quality prints are not brilliant, so I decided a stand alone photo printer was a good investment. I won this Canon Selphy printer on eBay for £5 and it prints some excellent quality prints. 

The ink ribbons and designated canon paper has been an investment, but if you are to keep up with this project, you need instant access to your photographs. I will still print out some photo collages using Picasa on A4 sheets of photo paper too, but I am hoping that my Epson cartridges last a lot longer now I am using this little beauty! I can print 6x4 postcards and also have ordered some credit card sized papers. However, if you create a photo collage within Picasa before printing to the Selphy at 6x4" you can get other variety of sizes too. Picasa also have a free Polaroid frame in their printing options which is great.
The key to this project will be organisation. I have measured all the pocket sizes in my album, and intend to cut a variety of papers to this size ready. I have printed off a whole range of journaling cards as well as getting together some I have in my stash e.g. Smash and Jenni Bowlin.
I have created a folder on my computer in the picture section, where I will place photographs week by week.
I have created a folder in Google Chrome/Internet explorer where I am saving links to sites with tips and help. All the one's Stephanie Linked to for a start, as well as others I have found.
I have a 12x12 bag ready to receive bits and pieces of ephemera from the week, as it happens - receipts, tickets, letters, cards etc. I have another one that is not necessarily week specific to place general items into, that I can dip into in a slow week. Lisa has some good ideas for stimuli on her blog here. She is a designer over on the SC blog and I love her work.
I hope to set aside one session at the end of each week, to document the week. It may be a Sunday but could be a Monday. If I didn't manage to get up to date, I will blog things from the week and print it off at a later date.
I will put together a box of items, like I did for the December Daily, to help me have things to hand that will make the process quick and easy. 
I am going to use my monthly Studio Calico Kit to change the box every month, so new supplies are added, but the journaling bits and bobs will be ongoing.
I hope to blog my progress throughout the year.
Points to mention
I have never worked within this page protector format before.
I have never scrapped a whole week on a double page before.
I have only tackled an album of this length once before and it is behind!!! (But I am working on that!)
I am looking forward to it and would love it if you joined me! Let's document 2012! TFLx

The final pages countdown 21 through 25

I am caught up to the 25th! Just need to add Christmas day journaling!

Finishing the final pages of the year today, whilst cooking puddings for New Year's Eve and vacuuming the mess from Christmas!
Join me tomorrow, when I share my 'project life' ideas for 2012! TFLx

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I am a little behind!

I have the photo's taken for the rest of the Dec daily, and some days are blogged on here, but I have as yet not printed them off and done the two together since Dec 21st. I have it planned so it should not take too long. Today I am going to get cracking! Hubby is back to work today, so as long as I process the washing, wash the floor and walk the dog, I am giving myself permission to craft! Here is the box fro the Dec daily at the moment!
I have been adding bits and pieces to the box, like gift tags, packaging and cracker hats and jokes, as well as the last page of this years calendar. It is all there, just in a mess! I am worried that the album is getting a bit too thick though! As usual!
Yesterday we went to see my SIL and her family. Here are the 4 cousins.
Looks like stripy jumpers are in! James was trying to be as tall as Jonni! Standing on tip toes! TFLx

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

When your goose is cooked......

it's cooked! Except mine was not a goose it was a turkey, however it was cooked..... and ready by 7am Christmas morning!!!! LOL! Because I cannot set my automatic oven correctly! I set it to cook for 5 hours and set the start time for 7am except that was not how my oven works, you set the END time and it works out when to start it!! LOL! I came down at 7am to find the kitchen full of cooked turkey smell! Opened the oven and there it was - done! It had not had all the lower cooking time but hey, no ones perfect! It actually tasted fine! In fact it removed all the pressure for oven space and hubby was able to do a leisurely carving earlier in the day and we just reheated the slices briefly in the microwave before adding the veg.

Hubby had watched a chef on the 'good food channel' show how to carve the turkey properly this year and he was able to do it perfectly! You take off the legs first, cut down the breast bone vertically and then slice it horizontally.
Barney enjoyed the present unwrapping as usual.

Turkey was enjoyed by all! I hope you had a happy Christmas to! TFLx

Monday, 26 December 2011

21st party!

The 23rd Dec was DS1's 21st. We had a great party for some of his friends! Photo's for the Dec daily, but not printed off yet!
Mum and dad came for Christmas. Set mum to work on Christmas Eve, helping with the veg! We ended up having Christmas at home as unfortunately my sister was unwell. Had a last minute scramble to get everything, but managed ok.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Decorating the mini Christmas cakes.

 I finally got around to decorating the mini Christmas cakes I made here with marzipan.
 We have decided to go without icing again this year and have done the traditional toasted marzipan. I did this yesterday whilst drinking a mug of mulled wine and watching "The Holiday" movie on DVD! Well, it is Christmas after all!
Last night the boys went (unwillingly) for a photo shoot I had booked as I wanted that as my Christmas present, to mark DS1's 21st, DS2's 18th and my 50th year! I can't wait to view the results!
Done some last minute card and present deliveries today, as hubby had a day off. Stayed in all morning for a one hour parcel delivery slot that did not happen!! Soooooooooooo frustrating! Hope it comes tomorrow. Finally got the boiler fixed today for the second time this month! Let's hope that is that sorted! Tonight the Tesco online shop got delivered and I was pleased to find only 2 substitutions thank goodness! TFLx

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

More Dec Daily Pages

Last night I had a mega catch up on my missing Dec Daily pages. This is when you are really glad that you printed off a photo each day and also blogged some of the days you missed! I had to go right back to the 9th of December and do up until the 19th! Yesterday the boiler stopped working again! We only just had it fixed a few weeks ago! Another new part! Not the same one of course! The plumber is coming back today to fit it, but did manage to get the heating working again. Today, I need to be baking and ironing!! Better get cracking! TFLx

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Caught up a few days in the Dec daily

I needed to! I was so behind. I have not photographed them yet though! I am now up to the 13th!
Hubby went to a meeting in Manchester on Thursday 15th and was given this bag of Swedish Christmas goodies, so that will be Thursday's photo taken care of!

I bought a new Christmas CD which arrived this week. I am a bit of a Michael Buble fan, so his Christmas album was a must! That will be the page for Friday.
It is great! Today I have been listening to it, cleaning up the house and getting the ironing up to date, ready fro DS1 coming home from Uni (no doubt with lots of washing in tow!) We are going to fetch him tomorrow. Tonight is hubby work's Christmas do, so yet more eating! Been busy making more mince pies too!