Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Decorating the mini Christmas cakes.

 I finally got around to decorating the mini Christmas cakes I made here with marzipan.
 We have decided to go without icing again this year and have done the traditional toasted marzipan. I did this yesterday whilst drinking a mug of mulled wine and watching "The Holiday" movie on DVD! Well, it is Christmas after all!
Last night the boys went (unwillingly) for a photo shoot I had booked as I wanted that as my Christmas present, to mark DS1's 21st, DS2's 18th and my 50th year! I can't wait to view the results!
Done some last minute card and present deliveries today, as hubby had a day off. Stayed in all morning for a one hour parcel delivery slot that did not happen!! Soooooooooooo frustrating! Hope it comes tomorrow. Finally got the boiler fixed today for the second time this month! Let's hope that is that sorted! Tonight the Tesco online shop got delivered and I was pleased to find only 2 substitutions thank goodness! TFLx

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SueB said...

Wonderful mini cakes Caroline!
I love the idea of toasted marzipan, yum!

A few years back, I made a huge amount of these to sell at Christmas fairs, OMG! it nearly drove me crazy, lol! I even bought all the tiny little cake boxes and cake bases, then decorated those too!
They did look lovely, but think I would only do them for family and friends now :)

Glad your boiler is fixed, we've had lots of recent house problems too, one leek after the other, yikes! but like you, hopefully all sorted now.

Looking forward to seeing your photos of your boys, what a wonderful gift!

I've just uploaded a recipe book I made for my Mum using old comic recipe paper cuttings she collected as a child, along with a old recipe book I had to rebind. Pics on my blog, if you'd like a peek. I think it's something you may like, as the illustrations from the comics are adorable :)

Hope you're enjoying all the festive prep, and looking forward to seeing more of your journaling pages.

Suzie xxx :)