Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Happy Birthday and some Xmas decs!

Monday was hubby's birthday and he took a day off work so we could go out for lunch together to celebrate. We had a lovely Italian stew at a restaurant in town. We came home later to receive the Tesco online shop and then spent the evening putting up the Christmas trees.
This year will be the first year without a real tree. I am sad, but they had got so ridiculously expensive, it made sense to switch. We bought a dew drop tree in the sale last January and this year is it's debut!
I have gone with a red theme this year in this room and the shaker ornaments in the lounge.
The lounge tree is again stood on the sledge my dad made.
I have gone with a more modern take in the hall, since we have had it decorated this year.
Two gold twig trees and this bauble display stand, not a brilliant photo, but it brings out the golf stripe in the wallpaper.
Still some more decorations to put up, but we have made a start! Sunday we put up the outside lights and wrote the cards, so my December Daily album is coming along nicely. The bad news is I have a cold! Feeling miserable today, but just home from school and having a hot chocolate from my Dolce Gusto Machine! Freezing cold and windy here today! TFlx


Claire said...

Love your tree! It's very nice, and probably a lot less fuss than a real tree! We've just put up our tree here in Canada, and I have to water it every couple of days! Oh well! Enjoy the Christmas season! Claire

SueB said...

Happy Bithday to your Hubby Caroline, sounds like a lovely day out.

Your trees look wonderful. I agree about the price. I love real Christmas trees too, but was shocked to see how much they cost the other day whilst out, beautiful as they may be, they ranged from £40 - £65!!
I love the bushy non shedders, which always look so healthy and lush, but they seem to come with a huge price tag.
So, in the end decided to dig the one out at the bottom of our shed, ok, so that's not real either, but wonderfully tall and busy, and life like :) We have it sitting in our bay window, and once set up with all the lights and decos it looks beautiful, and have saved myself about £50 into the bargain :)

Snap about the cold, I feel yucky too, but don't mind Winter at all, it's lovely to be all cosy inside with the house looking so warm and festive, it's only when I have to venture outside in the grotty rain that I mind.

Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely journal.

Suzie xxx :)