Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I am a little behind!

I have the photo's taken for the rest of the Dec daily, and some days are blogged on here, but I have as yet not printed them off and done the two together since Dec 21st. I have it planned so it should not take too long. Today I am going to get cracking! Hubby is back to work today, so as long as I process the washing, wash the floor and walk the dog, I am giving myself permission to craft! Here is the box fro the Dec daily at the moment!
I have been adding bits and pieces to the box, like gift tags, packaging and cracker hats and jokes, as well as the last page of this years calendar. It is all there, just in a mess! I am worried that the album is getting a bit too thick though! As usual!
Yesterday we went to see my SIL and her family. Here are the 4 cousins.
Looks like stripy jumpers are in! James was trying to be as tall as Jonni! Standing on tip toes! TFLx

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