Sunday, 4 December 2011

I made a Gugelhupf!

Do you remember last year, I brought back a Gugelhupf tin from Germany? It caused quite a stir when my case was x-rayed, they thought it was a bomb and had to check!
Well I decided to have a go at making one yesterday, so I downloaded a recipe from the Internet and popped it in the oven.
It is really just a marbled cake. but it was made using icing sugar and cooking oil instead of margarine and caster sugar.

It needs dusting with icing sugar really, but I forgot! Anyway, it mad an unusual birthday cake for hubby.

It is not his birthday until tomorrow, but we went out for a meal with friends, last night to "Ask" so it was nice to have the cake then.
I picked up the place mat in "Ask" to use in my December daily, It is a really graphic/typography that will be perfect for the page! TFLx

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tea_bag said...

fab cake it turned out well