Thursday, 15 December 2011

London, Christmas lights and Gluhwein!

Sorry I have been MIA, but I have been to London again, with DS2 to audition for dance/musical theatre schools - (him that is, not me!!!) Went down on an early train on Monday morning, back late on Tuesday night after his audition at Italia Conti. My niece came with us and we had a fun time, shopping and visited the Christmas market under the London Eye to drink some Gluhwein!

Unfortunately I did not have room for a Bratwurst! My SIL in Germany will be disappointed in me! It was freezing cold near the river and I had blister problems on my feet, but we still had some good fun! 
I have been to school Wednesday and Thursday for my last two working days this term, so I am now sitting at home with a mulled wine and relaxing (having just walked the dog!)
My December daily needs some attention! I am behind, but have been printing off the pictures, just have to remember which day is which! The wrapping is mostly done, so that is a page, and we have pages for London to do. We had a flurry of snow this morning, but not enough to photograph! Hopefully I can catch some pages up tonight or tomorrow. TFLx

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