Tuesday, 27 December 2011

When your goose is cooked......

it's cooked! Except mine was not a goose it was a turkey, however it was cooked..... and ready by 7am Christmas morning!!!! LOL! Because I cannot set my automatic oven correctly! I set it to cook for 5 hours and set the start time for 7am except that was not how my oven works, you set the END time and it works out when to start it!! LOL! I came down at 7am to find the kitchen full of cooked turkey smell! Opened the oven and there it was - done! It had not had all the lower cooking time but hey, no ones perfect! It actually tasted fine! In fact it removed all the pressure for oven space and hubby was able to do a leisurely carving earlier in the day and we just reheated the slices briefly in the microwave before adding the veg.

Hubby had watched a chef on the 'good food channel' show how to carve the turkey properly this year and he was able to do it perfectly! You take off the legs first, cut down the breast bone vertically and then slice it horizontally.
Barney enjoyed the present unwrapping as usual.

Turkey was enjoyed by all! I hope you had a happy Christmas to! TFLx

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