Sunday, 27 February 2011

Studio Calico reveal day

I have had a little spend today at the Studio Calico presale. I've decided to give one of these epoxy makers a try! I saw a video clip here and thought it could be good, so I ordered one! I am also going to give Glubers a go too! See this clip here! I saw this on the Cosmo Cricket blog the other week and thought it might be fun!
Guess what the latest craze is now? Embossing powder is back in a big way! I just dug out all my pots that had been relegated to a storage box and found I had quite a few!! They are obviously making a comeback with the heat tool, so dust them off ladies and give them a go! I gave the clear an outing the other week in a resist technique on this layout I was scrap lifting for a challenge (thanks Nichol). Great fun!
I forgot to share my new small stamp organization. As my stamp library increases I have been looking for a way to store my small stamps. Then hubby was filling his new business card holder and I casually asked him what he was going to do with the old one??
Needless to say, I could not let it go to waste! TFLx

Saturday, 26 February 2011

And the finished product looks something like this.....

Got about fourteen of these made up, just need writing now!
We went away earlier this week for a mini break, revisiting our roots in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Hubby and I both did our degrees here, so we like to get back to old haunts occasionally. I found a hotel wonder deal on the net back in January and booked a two night break. We stayed down on the Quayside and it was fab! Here is the view from our bedroom window.
Did some serious shopping and bought the fabric for my party dress on the market, like I used to in the old days!!

Here it is with the pattern I bought off eBay. (The pattern cost as much as the fabric!!) I got some sweet rose shaped buttons too.
Primark came up trumps with the bracelet and retro sunglasses to match!

My vintage hat I won on eBay does not look bad with it either!! I am been ever the optimist with the sunglasses, but you have to think positive! I had wanted a more green based fabric for the dress, but this was the most retro looking on the stall and stripes are slimming!! Talking of which, I put two pounds on this weekend, despite all the walking!! And the Quayside up to the town centre is about a one in three hill!!! There's just no justice in this world!! Wondering if I may get this dress cut out today?? TFLx

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

More invitation details!

I have been continuing my invitation marathon! I have stamped little note cards, to add extra details (wear a hat etc!)

I stamped the back of the tag invites with the information required for the party.

 I used my Real Estate punch from EK success to punch out the notes stamps from Studio Calico.
 I have decorated some brown paper lunch bags with a strip of patterned paper that I have edged with various border punches. These are what I plan to deliver the invitation tags in, instead of envelopes.
 I tucked half of a small paper doily under the strip of patterned paper for added decoration on a tea party theme.
I stamped '50' on a circle scallop punch out, to add to the decoration too.
 I made some small tags and stamped them with "time 4 tea" I punched out a heart shape and added a small butterfly punched out with a Martha Stewart punch.
Finally I added a ribbon tie to the tag. Nearly done!!!
Tomorrow I will update on my party outfit! TFLx

Monday, 21 February 2011

Finally - The Fiskars stamp press thingy!!

I made a sample of my birthday invites using my Fiskars stamp press. The idea is you can lay out the whole invitation on  one stamp block and then line them up exactly on every invitation the same! It is also great for large background stamps.

I used a variety of my Studio Calico clear stamp fonts to create my template, then stamped it on a kraft card stock tag I made.
I used Jenni Bowlin Seed Packet ink and they all came out great! Identical. I just had to go back and stamp the first letter i using a tiny stamp block on each one as I needed it twice!!
You can see I used that tiny circle punch to make the washer for the tag in Graphic 45 retro gingham style paper. I glue these in place with a glue stick and then punch a hole through the centre with my Cropadile Big Bite on the larger of the two settings. Liking them so far!! TFLx

Sunday, 20 February 2011

So yesterday went like this.......

Hubby is going to football at 12pm so I can have a nice time crafting!!! Try out my new Fiskars stamp press thingy...... no.
Put on first load of washing, get together dog cloths for second load of washing, throw one down stairs, Barney decides to make a bed and sleep on it!!!
Hadn't the heart to evict him!!! He had a busy day at grandma's yesterday, he needs to sleep it off! He realised that the stray cat had moved in to his new apartment

He is worried he has been superseded!!!
Photographed the old oven element that we managed to change on Friday night. Some people go out on a Friday night, hubby and I spend the evening with our head in the oven, cursing and swearing as the whole operation is not as simple as the video on you tube says it should be!!!!!

No wonder the oven blew up! The element had snapped !!!
Emptied dining room dresser to make room for the tea set I have borrowed off mum for my tea party.
Mended the roman blind in the kitchen. Mended hubby's golf umbrella that he had managed to cut with scissors getting the plastic wrapper off!!!!
Won a vintage hat on eBay for my birthday party.
Started surfing eBay for other items I "need" - two hours later I am still sat here! Won ink pads for card club at school though :) Missed out on wood veneer and cake forks :( Can't find an odd saucer for mum's tea set that was one short except in America!!
Went upstairs to craft room to try and fathom out the Craft Robo for school!

Two hours later, still trying to fathom out Craft Robo! Can't get it to cut through card with any blade!! Spacer ring seems to be missing, but not sure I need it anyway! Downloaded latest version of software - whilst keeping an eye on the Leeds Utd score to check if they are seeing a good match!
Ten past four - still have not tried out my Fiskars stamp press thingy!!
Into the shower to wash  my hair quick before picking DS2 up from work and hubby gets home! (Good match, end to end stuff - Leeds managed to equalise in the latter stages and almost clinched a winner!!)
Still no stamp press Fiskars thingy!!! Where does the time go??? Did get the dog cloth back to wash eventually!! Lol! Will try again to craft today! TFLx

Friday, 18 February 2011

New day new stash!!

I have bought a Fiskars stamp press thingy!!! For the larger stamps that are hard to get even pressure on.
I watched a video on You tube here I have invested in one, but I have not had time to try it yet!
I also bought a bird punch off eBay as I so want to make some Easter goodies with it and thought the kids at school would make good use of it for Easter cards

It's a limited edition punch, so it wont be around for ever! (I love the Christmas cards made with it as Robin's too, so I think it will be useful!)
I have an idea I saw on the web that I hope to make for Easter so watch this space.
I have also dug out the old Craft Robo at school for card club. I ordered a new carrier sheet and need to remind myself how to use it!! Thought we could make neat Mother's day cards with it if I can remember, so if you have any Craft Robo tips please let me know!!! It is the old CC100-20.
Right off to clear up the muddy mess Barney has just left on the carpet!! A dog with a leg on each corner+muddy flowerbeds+cream carpets= NO GO!!!!!
Parents day today, catch you all later! TFLx

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

50th Year album - Layout 6

So far, so good! I am on schedule! here is a layout I made last week, called Happy Home. I made it for an SC challenge on including stitching on a photograph on a layout. I hand pricked the hearts and then stitched them. I decided to blanket stitch the lower photograph in place too. I was inspired to make this layout, with the chipboard frames down the middle, after viewing a layout in the SC design gallery by Davine. When you receive a whole box of chipboard elements in a kit it is often overwhelming, how you can use them all? So it is a good idea to seek inspiration, then they don't just languish in the box! I spray painted mine with Cherry Metallic Maya Mist, then backed some with patterned paper and cut around them. If you are going to stamp on the background paper, do it first before you stick it on the chipboard, so you can get it in the recess!!! I learnt by experience!! Lol!
The house stamps across the lower edge are a mixture of SC stamps some I have layered and one is a Maya road chipboard house stuck onto a patterned paper background and glossy accents in the window recess! TFLx

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Ok, it's official.....

I think I finally got my head around it, I will be fifty this year, hubby has organised the party, so I need to make invitations!! Last thing I want is for people to not be able to come and celebrate it with me! This is the woman, by the way, who did not want a party! I spent last night trawling the net for my party frock!!! Lol! The diet has been firmly reinstated this morning and it's all systems go! I have large stocks of 'Menopause' bread in the freezer and I am not going down without a fight! I await my blood test results as we speak to find out if my Hysterectomy last year, has indeed triggered the dreaded M!
So, back to the craftiness, Invitations!!! I sort of know what style I am after. I can't remember if I have shared my party ideas here or not, (It's an age thing! I caught it off my parents!!! Note to self I am spending too much time around the elderly!!!) but I am going with two parties in the end!!! A vintage tea party for work colleagues and a Hog Roast for family and friends. (That way I don't end up cooking!) I have decided that God is going to smile on me and give me a nice sunny day in May (Hope he is listening!!!) (As DS2 is playing God in his Rock Challenge piece at school, I thought as the 'mother of God' I deserved some good fortune, so I am thinking positively and planning for a sunny day or two!!!)
My idea is a bit of a fifties theme, (not that I was born in the fifties, but I am to be fifty!!!) for the elegant tea party, with all the people attending to dress up with a 'Thora Hird' type hat or scarf and beads (from last of the summer wine!) We will sit around drinking tea from pretty china cups and I will make dainty sandwiches and scones and a Tiered cupcake stand for the cake at the end. I have decided to make myself a fifties style dress using a vintage pattern off the Internet. I plan to accessorise with hat and shoes from eBay! I aim to have a "Photo booth" set up with some props, so people can record a photo for themselves and me during the party. Here is my mood board of ideas from the web I have collected.

If you are on Pinterest, you can follow me here, and see my ideas. What a fab inspirational site this is! Just found it and enjoying having a look around. I found it through another of my favourite Inspirational sites here. TFLx

Monday, 14 February 2011

He loves me.....

I love him....

P.S. And the other man in  my life - of course!
Happy Valentines day!! TFLx

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Busy, Busy day!!

I have just concluded my "albumising!"

Album for Barney, check.
Album for me, check, filled two!
Album for DS1, check.
Album for DS2, check.
Album for places???? That was not on my list but I filled it! And started a second!!
Album for Heritage - Full! Layouts left over!!
Album for "things!" (flowers etc!)
Conclusion = I need more albums!!!
Also just found all my January layouts upstairs (which means DS2's album need re-organising into date order!!!) as well as my 50th Year album too!
Most of these albums are Papermania albums that I started with, but my last two are American crafts albums that I now use! The Heritage album is a K&Co one that you have to stick the layouts on to each page, that's why it's a crisis that it is full!!
Got so tense, I reorganised my punches - again!!! LOL!
By the way, the oven blew up earlier, so have had to force my "big chicken" into my tiny top oven to cook the Sunday roast!! :( More expense!! TFLx

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Punch obsessed!

I admit it, I have become punch obsessed! I have rearranged my punches lovingly in baskets and been adding to my collection, via a well known auction site! Fiskars squeeze punches to be precise! If I see a bargain, I have to bid!! The money I earned selling stash has bought more punches!! Its how I convinced myself it was allowed, I recycled my stash into different stash so it's a win win situation! My mojo appears to have slowed down again, after a manic January. Besides which, if I create 12x12 layouts at that rate, we would have to move house to accommodate all the albums. Talking of which, I have a whole stack of layouts and no album to put them in :( I never was methodical at "albumizing" (a word created by FIL) I used to just chuck them all in an album as I did them, now I wish I had been more album aware! I was never going to have an BOM album and then I realised that layouts have crept in as I have become more brave! Barney could have had a whole album to himself as the most scrapped dog ever and then recently when I did start scrapping the boys childhood retrospectively, I should have had an album for that!
So one day, when I have nothing to do, I WILL albumize!!! So how do you arrange yours?
1. Barney
2. DS1
3. DS2
4. BOM
5. Heritage
6. Other
So what do you do with Christmas? An the holiday pages I scrapped before I started making mini albums for them? Too complicated!! Help! Please!
Do you ever throw away old layouts that you now hate?? I also have an album that somehow has got damp and the ink jet photo's have run! Should I throw those?
I think I had better go tidy my punches again! It sounds too complicated to work out!
P.S. That very young me in the layout is holding that 6ft dancer that was on the previous post here! Time flies! TFLx

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

What a name for a cat!

Mum and dad have a stray cat that has adopted them a few years ago. He is very shy and they have to be very patient with him, for that reason, he now answers to "Come on, come on" as in come on and don't be shy. So when you want to call him for his tea, if he by chance happens to be late, you open the back door and shout 'come on come on' and he appears! This layout was to record the cat with the most unusual name, the last stray they had was called kitty puss! Rather original!!
The layout is on a wood grain coredinations card stock and the journaling is done white on black on a scrap that had some punch outs in it.
The three clocks and Story Time stamps are stamped in Jenni Bowlin "Chicken Feed" ink and they are all SC stamps. I pleated the paper to make the frilled frame to the picture and stitched it in place. The Fiskars stitching punch and the Maya Rd key chain fish are the other items I used.
I know I must have had a scrappy January, because I have lost track of which layouts I have posted on here! I have to back track!
Today I am going to get my hair cut, have not been since Christmas, so struggling to see out of my fringe. It is a lovely sunny day here today, but cold. Barney should enjoy his walk, if he can get up today!!!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Fifth Layout for the 50th Year album

I so enjoyed making the 'month in review' layout for the SC challenge here, I decided to make one for my 50th Year album with a snapshot of everyday life during the month in small 2" photo's that gives an idea of what happened this month. I looked back on my blog and in my Jan pics folder on my PC to select a few photo's then went with a patchwork technique but this time inspired by my Cath Kidston tea towels for the colour scheme. The patchwork background paper is from Girls Paperie. I stitched it onto the coredinations card stock after I had sanded it back to reveal the texture. It too looks like and old fashioned fabric. Both were from my SC "Granny's cupboard" kit. I used a Fiskars tag punch to make my journaling spots and included one paper sticker in each sentence. Some photo's and tag are attached using 3D foam stickers to give the layout some depth. The stitching adds texture. I decided to add the buttons in threes, to echo the sewn, quilted look. TFLx

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Cath Kidston inspired!

Here are a few photo's from this week,
My new tea towels from Dunelm that are very "Cath Kidston-esque" and go with my 'real' Cath Kidston ironing board cover
If you gotta do something drab like Ironing, make sure you can pretty it up!!! Particularly if you have three men in the family and constantly iron shirts!!!!
Finally my niece was 25 yesterday and I got this fab paper from Tesco's for her present
So I am setting a challenge to myself to scrap using this as inspiration! I just thought of it!!! I already have a Cath Kidston page I did a while ago but that was about the shop that inspired me! Care to join me? TFLx
P.S. Happy Chinese New Year! Here is my fortune cookie from school on Thursday
hmmm, I think that may be true!!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

January a month in 'scrapping' review

This layout was for another challenge over on the Studio Calico boards, to scrap a month in review. I have really enjoyed rediscovering 12 x 12 scrapping this month and wanted to show my favourite layouts in one place, so I printed them out on a sheet of paper in thumbnail size, so I could punch them using my blue Woodware punch. Used a SC frame stamp and different colours of Jenni Bowlin ink to create an interlocking frame background that left sizes exactly for the punch outs. I stamped on some patterned papers and cut out along the inner frame line to add backing paper to some of the frames too to add interest. To finish the layout off, I used my new Fiskars squeeze punches I bought this week, to create some 3D embellishments. (There you go Sandra! Used them already!)
I also used the star stamp from SC to highlight the top and bottom corner with a bit more red! I love it, very simple to do, but very effective! Give it a go! I'm off to make another for my 5oth album! TFLx
P.S. can I just sneak in this proud mummy moment;
Just ordered a copy of this photo from this local publication, DS2 dancing in Alice In Wonderland at school - he'll kill me if he sees it, but I think it is so striking! Proud mummy moment over! Thanks x