Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Vintage champagne glasses & china

There is something very elegant about these champagne saucers, I can't help thinking they will be perfect for the toast at my vintage tea party! The postman struggled up the drive today with 3 huge parcels, one of which was this little lot of 11 glasses I bought on eBay! A lot of them have worn gilt on the rim's but that adds to their vintage appeal! I now have 16 of these as I already won five weeks ago here
You have to be really careful, as sometimes they go for a bomb! I found another set that did match these but the bidding went up to £31 crazy!!!! I paid £6.50 + p&p for mine and about the same for the 11 with a gilt rim too! Oh the madness of eBay! Lol!
The other box this morning contained some more glasses I will use for Pimms - very retro!

I now have just enough of those too! And finally a set of crockery here

That I plan to turn into my own cake stand with a handle and special proper drill bit, so watch this space! I will let you know if I succeed!!! If you see a lot of bits of broken china, you know it was a failure! Lol! Worth a try to save money! You know me!! TFLx

Monday, 28 March 2011

Fighting with curtains!!!

I spent last Saturday fighting with curtains, trying to join two door curtains together with a match to make one wider curtain for mum's french door. It's funny how, when you are not in the mood, what can go wrong, will go wrong!!! Instead of unpicking opposite sides of the two curtains, I unpicked both sides of just one!!!! I then proceed to match them and cut off excess, yet despite my double and triple checking, the match still ends up slightly off! Never mind, I have done my best! We are altering ready made curtains for mum's new lounge redecoration, but I am under a time constraint as she wants them up before next weekend - dad's birthday party - so I had to finish them to take and hang them tomorrow.
Yesterday we had a family birthday party to celebrate my niece, next weekend it is my wedding anniversary and my dad's birthday. I have posted 3 cards today for my nephew and two other friends birthday's so it has been a busy week! Needless to say, on the crafting front, there has been no progress! Yesterday was Studio Calico reveal and I was very restrained after last month! Besides, I have been using my money to buy china on eBay! I did however decide to get a WR Memory Keepers Sew Easy stitch tool and mat. I had read mixed reports, but have decided to give it a go. If it is no good, it can be sold on eBay! Lol!
I have enjoyed using my Epiphany crafts round shape studio. I got some more epoxy domes for it as I can see me running out! They do one in a button shape, but I have resisted so far. I used it for the first time on a layout the other day and was very taken with it.
So what is the chance of crafting this week????? Zilch!!! Today is school planning day, so tomorrow I can go and hang curtains at mum's, Wednesday and Thursday are work and Friday I need to catch up on all the housework I could not do last week due to my bad back!!! That's how it goes sometimes!! Need to check if I am up to date with my 50th Year album too! TFLx

Sunday, 27 March 2011

The 2011 Census

As somebody who has frequently used the Census in my quest for family history, I have no problem at all with divulging my details for future generations to pore over! However hubby has filled it in! He could have written anything! Lol! I am going to put a page about this in my 50th year album as a major event to look back on. I wonder how many people will not fill it in and whether in the future, there will be other ways that we will chase our family history. TFLx

Friday, 25 March 2011

Creaking gate :(

Woke up today with a bad back, not sure where that has come from! Not great on your day off either when you have loads to do!
Here is a very simple layout I did to show the major repairs on Boothferry bridge in East Yorkshire. This little bridge is shut and will be for over 10 weeks, for major repairs. It has not been repaired for 80 years apparently and needs a major overhaul! It is close to my birthplace and at the moment is causing quite a detour when I visit my parents, so I thought I would put it in my 50th year scrapbook.
The layout is simple, using some photo's and text from the net from a local news website. I also plan a page of the Japanese earthquake for the album of this year. I like the idea of using news stories in a scrapbook, particularly if it is a daily/weekly album, the current events, in years to come, will be most interesting. I placed a smalll brad at each corner of the photographs and then looped some Baker's twine around them to make frames. I printed the story off the net in a fancy script like handwriting.
Ok, off to take my painkillers and search out the wheat bag for this back. It's already been fun trying to load the washing machine ;)

Thursday, 24 March 2011

A night at Bridlington spa!

Last night we went to Bridlington Spa to see DS2 in his school's Rock Challenge performance. He played the lead role of GOD! They won and we are both very proud of his and the school's "outstanding" performance (as the judge said!)

The performance was very polished and professional. A great night! TFLx

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Playing 50th album catch up!!

Here are a couple more layouts I did for the 50th year album. This is one about the party invitations done and finished
and one about the Osnath pram that I mentioned a few weeks ago.
On this layout I used my new shape studio from epiphany crafts to make my own epoxy embellishments from my own paper and the large butterfly double punch from Martha Stewart.
The spray mist is a Studio Calico Mister Huey in Classic calico. I have made the Sassafras pennant more 3D by backing some of the triangles with paper so they don't stick down and propping some up with small foam pads.
This album is going to be such a mix of the past and the present as I have lived and remembered it! I quite like that!
Still bidding and buying on eBay as well as selling to finance it!!! Lol! It's amazing what craft stuff you are prepared to part with if the need arises! My sewing drawer is much tidier of both patterns and fabric pieces! Love my new items! TFLx

Monday, 21 March 2011

A whole week??!!!

Has gone by since I last blogged! I cannot believe it! I have been here, but just busy and the craft room has not seen a lot of action, with the nicer weather!! However, I did venture up there to do several catch up layouts for my 50th year album, but the photographs are pants because I forgot to photograph them until it was too late! Anyway, here is what I have and I will hope to take better photo's tomorrow. Updated! Done! So we have February round up in pictures, using my SC cloud stamps with the Fiskars cloud punches

and a layout about "my granma" as I found her handwriting in a book of nursery rhymes recently so I cut it out and used it too as the book was all falling apart. Apparently I used to say "Granma not to push it!!!" whenever she got hold of the pram!!!

On this layout I used a Cosmo Cricket "Gluber" to make a rosette with some vintage looking lace. So I will try to take better pictures of these tomorrow so I don't get flash glare!!! TFLx

Friday, 11 March 2011

Out with Mrs Beeton....

and let's check out her advice for afternoon tea!!!
I have spent three days looking for my vintage Mrs Beeton books. I have been through the loft, only to find them in the craft room!! Typical! In fact I found a third copy too!
The top one I bought of eBay a few years ago and the bottom one was a gift when I left work twenty years ago to have my family. It was a bit of a joke! It had been kicking around, minus it's cover and I used to say "I will take that when I leave" and they gave it me for a laugh!!
So what does Isabella have to say??
Her suggestions for sandwiches are worrying me slightly. Just about every filling has anchovies in it! Anchovy and Egg, Anchovy and Haddock, Caviar sandwiches, Celery sandwiches, Cheese sandwiches (with anchovy essence!!) Chicken sandwiches with cooked ham or tongue in them, Cod's Roe sandwiches (with essence of anchovy this time!) Cucumber, Salmon and finally Tomato.
She advises that "The sandwiches, cakes etc provided for an At Home tea, should always include  an assortment that can be handled without injury to gloves!!!!!" Thank goodness for that!!! Lol! "Strawberries should have their stalks removed, so they can be eaten with a fork."
Not certain I shall be following all of her advice!! I already have my china, 6 tea knives, 6 cake forks and 6 fruit spoons. I am still searching for my odd saucer for my tea set!
Today some vintage glasses arrived in the post all beautifully wrapped and in one piece!

I missed out on some bids today that went far too high and I am being firm with myself! I love a bargain!! I am thinking maybe Pimms in this jug and glass set! Or pink lemonade?? Been choosing my cake recipes too! I think maybe a coffee gateau, chocolate eclairs, shortbread biscuits, meringues, cupcakes of course and fresh strawberries and cream, as well as the scone with jam and cream! and let's not forget the cupcakes!! She does mention some kind of fruit cake too! So many recipes and so little time to bake! I can't wait!! Somehow scrapping has taken a back seat again!! TFLx

Thursday, 10 March 2011

A pain in the neck!

Literally, this week has been a pain in the neck for many reasons!! One of which is a literal pain in my neck due to poor PC posture!! After two days at the desk last week at work and two more this week I have had some painful hours and lack of sleep which tells me my posture is not good! That, coupled with my total lack of attention to my eye line and seating position (apparently!) My monitor is now on a shoebox and I am doing a little better! Thank goodness for the wheat bag!
(All other pains in the neck for this week must be glossed over!)
There has been a complete lack of crafty time and my dress has progressed no further! I received my new supply of photographs from Snap fish and have done nothing with them! I must be behind with my album now, I dare not look! I ordered a battery slide viewer so dad and I can go down memory lane and sort through his old slides, of which he has hundreds!! There is a whole section of my life that is not on film, but on slide instead and I hope to find some I can print off.
I did a trawl of the local charity shops this week, sourcing items for my tea party and came up with nothing! Suddenly the whole world has a passion for vintage glasses and china!! Not to mention snap closure handbags!! Lol! Never mind, I am enjoying the hunt! I have been lucky with my bids on some things on eBay and have some cute items to share.
It's the thrill of the chase and I must admit you can get a little trigger happy in the bidding frenzy that ends the auction! The trick is to not get carried away! I have set myself a budget which I hope to stick to and have a few more parcels on their way! Some of us will be able to eat and drink in style anyway! I am hopefully making a page about these remember! It may need to turn into a mini album at this rate! TFLx

Monday, 7 March 2011


Random.Org chose these four winners of my vintage cards.
Kelly over at Studio Calico
Prickly Pinecone
Susie J
Please email me at cannycrafter(at sign)

I have decided to mix the cards randomly (so no one get's all the baby cards etc!) and put them equally in four brown envelopes, then I will stick addresses on so I don't know who will get which!!! Thanks for playing along and I hope you find them inspirational for a page or a colour combination! Great for Art Journalliing too! If you are worried abour acid free, why not scan them or use an acid free spray! TFLx

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Last two lists of topics and giveaways!

Daily life
• Everyday moments...e.g. taking a photo of a particular moment of my day, and just documenting it.
• The daily goings on!/routine
• "A Snapshot of Life" layouts - making a list of things that are 'current' like: listening...wondering...wearing... etc.
• Daily life/the books you read, favourite TV shows, your grocery store, cooking, your morning routine, etc.
• In the supermarket taking pictures of the shopping trolley and reusable shopping bags
• Random iphone photos
• Random things I love...
• Random things - bouquets, sunsets, favourite objects or places. A whole album of random things that evokes emotion in you.
• Food
• Favourite foods and recipes
• Kitchen
• Red items in your home
and Journaling prompts!
• Journaling/album prompts online e.g. Project Life
• Great quotes - on Marcy Penners, Jennifer Jonher and Lisa Truesdells tumblr too make great starting points.
• What I want to say to generations from now as they look at them
• Do a word play on a particular photograph, Google the word and find quotes and such from it...or a poem!
• Items normally in the background like the old cars, or the old cookers. (Wish we had cool pics of the old life style and I'm sure we'll wonder the same things 10, 20 years from now.)
• The little things that one day, hopefully down the track the kids and grandkids and greatgrandkids will like to read about!
• Pictures from past years.
Last two sets of card giveaways!

Don't forget to leave a comment. Will draw some winners tomorrow! TFLx

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Scrapping topics Part 2 and a vintage giveaway!

Next list of the topics (see yesterday's post) is here.
Home and Leisure time activities
• Religion

• Places you’ve travelled to
• Holiday mini albums
• Favourite places to go
• Disney layouts
• The capital city
• Your home/objects or rooms that hold particular memories or sentiments
• Inspiration boards as if you were planning a room makeover in either fantasy or reality
• The story about how you came to live where you live
• Your town / important places to you
• Play tourist in your local town
• Special spots like the market
• Hobbies
• Your craft space

• Car
• Garden
• Favourite shoes
• Funny signs
• Sales that would mark a certain point in time (prices, objects, style).
• Flowers
• Glasses
• Fruit
• Macdonalds
• Braces if appropriate!
• Lunches
• Texting
• Underground
• Bed/ quilt,
• Rainbow
• Self portraits
• Habits
• Nature
• Cakes
• Music

Second part of the giveaway is another set of vintage cards (used) from the 40's 50's, this time Wedding/Anniversary. Don't forget to leave a comment if you would like to win! Look at yesterday's too! TFLx

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Scrapping topics Part 1 and a vintage giveaway!

I was having some negative thoughts, about age and my mother role becoming redundant, the other day and got to thinking what will I scrap when both the boys have left home?? There are only so many shots of Barney you can take! So in this mood I posted on the message board over at Studio Calico, where I am a member and I had a ton of replies!!  I decided to copy and paste the ideas into a document, then I set about arranging their suggestions into groups. I came up with a 2 sides of A4 list and have split it into categories;
Part 1 Family and friends ideas
Part 2 Home and Leisure time activities
Part 3 Daily life
Part 4 Journaling prompts

Once I had sorted them I was asked to share them, so here you are and I am personally indebted to all those wonderful, inspirational people (too many to name) who soon put me right in my brief moment of gloom!
Part 1 Family & Friends Ideas
• Family recipes/ traditions
• Family parties
• Family relationships, my Grandma/Grandad etc
• Myself (favourites, thoughts and feelings I have about particular things at particular moments in time, clothes, shoes etc.)
• About myself - tell lots of stories from the past
• Childhood - go back to the event photos and scrap from a different perspective (not the event, but feelings, characteristics, etc Stacy Julian).
• Brother/sister
• Cat and dog
• Trends from when you were growing up - what you collected or wore v what is collected / worn today.
• Teen pics
• College days
• Your Wedding
• Early marriage
• Pre kids

• Work
• Tribute pages (for all the important people in your life -- friends, teachers, work colleagues, relatives -something about what makes them so special to you)
• Personal stories (how much life has changed now that you don't have little kids, where you are now vs. where you thought you'd be, things you're grateful for, how you met your best friend, how you feel today, etc.)
• Favourite life's moments
• The future - What do you hope will happen? In the world? In your family? What do you wish for? Look forward to?
• Things you have achieved in life so far and then all the future things you hope to achieve - plans and dreams etc.
• Feelings/things with my husband, general thoughts of life
• Pics of kids with technology in their hands/mobile phone/computers etc
• The breakfast table - chaos before they all dash out for school!
• Re-scrap some older pictures of your kids from a different perspective. For example take a birthday pic of your child and scrap what you were thinking/feeling as a parent at that time versus a "this is your birthday" I would think your kids would value that type of layout.
• Sneak a few candid shots, without family being aware
• Scrap your thoughts/advice to your children
• Time with friends 
And that's just the first part of the list!! I told you it was fantastic!!

I'll leave you with the photograph I mentioned a few weeks ago, of me in my Osnath pram. You see? Next page in the 50th year album! TFLx

Vintage give away!!!!
I have several sets of vintage greeting cards (used) that I won in an eBay auction and have never got around to using. If you could make use of them (dating from the 40's/50's) leave me a comment and I will draw a winner. More tomorrow!
The colours are much more subtle than this, I think Photoshop over corrected them!!

That's better! I still have not got the hang of it!!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sewing again!!!

It is so long since I sewed an item of clothing I can't remember, so with fear and trepidation I opened the pattern and made a start! If you are a novice sewer, you may be interested in my series of sewing tutorials in the side bar. This one tells you about pattern markings.
First cut out the pattern pieces and pin them on the fabric as directed in the instruction sheet.
There are obviously hazards to cutting out on the lounge carpet.
One is Barney standing on the fabric when you are trying to cut out and the other is Barney bringing you his teddy every five minutes to play on the fabric!! Once cut out, I moved to the kitchen table for the tricky part of Tailor Tacking to mark all the important bits!

I have made a start on the sewing and in fact did most  of the bodice, which took all afternoon, but it is tricky to fit it on yourself for size and I have just found a pin in my bra strap that must have come out of the fabric when I was trying it on!! I made all the darts and gathered the top front bodice onto the bottom front bodice using a long machine stitch to pull it up. I ironed on the interfacing and stitched the bodice facing to the upper bodice which took some time! It is an "Easy" Vogue pattern and so far has not proved too difficult although I am going to give the bound buttonholes a miss, in favour of the easier zig-zag stitch modern buttonhole of today!! Will update you with my progress, but it's a school day tomorrow, so no sewing will get done!!
By the way, I am not behind with my 50th album, I have done the last two layouts, but just not shared them here yet! So far so good on the weekly layouts! I feel a page about making the dress may need to be next on the cards!! TFLx