Monday, 26 September 2011

Away to bonnie Scotland

 We went away to bonnie Scotland last weekend to visit friends near Troon and spent a lovely day walking near the beach without a coat last Saturday!! Can you believe it?? I took two coats for the weekend and did not wear one!! Windswept? Yes! But the sun shone! And we had ice cream!! I even sampled "tablet" a bit like our fudge, how I have missed that Scottish delicacy I don't know!
It's great to get away and see friends in the middle of term, it just makes a complete break, you forget about things! Trouble is I have been condensing all my jobs and planning into today instead!! Tomorrow is Studio Calico reveal day and I have not even opened last month's kit box! Unheard of! Been too busy getting DS1 back to Uni last week and trying to give DS2 lots of last minute driving before his test next week. Crafting seems to be a thing of the past! Note to self! I must make time! TFLx

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Happy birthday mum!

Celebrated mum's 80th birthday this week! My niece Helen made some fab trifle cupcakes and decorated the cake! TFLx

Monday, 19 September 2011

This Year's holiday mini album

Finally, after I had promised it days ago, I have just photographed my Portugal, paper bag album, even though it was dark by the time I remembered!!
I made the basic album from a mixture of bags, some paper bags from my Studio Calico kit, some plastic shopping bags from Zara and Promod where we shopped on holiday and a paper carrier from Mango too. I made them all the same size, then laid them on top of each other with a central fold marked. I used the Cropadile Big Bite to punch through all the layers and then stitched the spine, with a bodkin threaded with ribbon, to make a secure fastening.  I used a back stitch and knotted the ribbon together at the ends. I covered the pages with patterned paper and then placed some fabric tape over the stitching to reinforce the spine inside and out. I decorated the pages with Washi tape and used some decorative edges trimmed from the patterned papers, so as not to waste anything.

I used labels and tickets to make journaling blocks and page tabs. Everything has been reused!

I even managed to reuse the rosette from an ice cream dessert to flatten and then gather into a flower. The cord tied around the mini album is white with beads and came off my sunhat that I managed to use to death on holiday and it did not survive the packing for journey home!

Hope you enjoyed a selection of my pages from this year's holiday! TFLx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Time flies!

Here we are back at school and into week two already! As usual the start of the term has been hectic and getting back into a routine has been tricky! Keep forgetting to plan tea before I go to work and arrive home thinking "what on earth can we have for tea??? DS2 has booked hos driving test now, so most days, I have been out with him for extra journeys. Last night we were at our friends son's 18th birthday party, now where did that time go????

My 50th birthday present from my sister, finally arrived home from France! Seems like ages ago since my birthday!! It is a very French metal occasional table, great for those styling shots and very useful.
I am getting used to the newly decorated hall. I have put everything back and it looks great. There is even a space for a basket of mini albums to sit!
Talking of albums, I have made a start on my Portugal travel album. I used a selection of paper bags and carriers I saved from the holiday to make the pages and then added some patterned papers from my Studio Calico 'Mind the gap kit.' I cut them all to size first and then folded them in half. I opened out the nags again and punched holes with the Cropadile, before stitching the spine with narrow ribbon. I have all the backing papers stuck in and am just arranging my photos and the memorabilia that I collected. I will try and photograph some tomorrow. TFLx
P.S We put the garden furniture away today :( always a sad day as it means the end of summer.

Monday, 5 September 2011

August Review collage

Just created my August review collage, before I forget what we did in August! Lol! I have already created July's collage, just not scrapped either of them yet! The 50th year album is off track!! 
Today was back to school for a training day and I have a long list of "to do's" that have still never got done!!! Friday I had a crown preparation at the dentist which was definitely not nice! I broke a tooth just before we went to Portugal, he tried to repair it and it crumbled even m ore so he slapped some temporary cement in whilst I went away with a view to this crown. Half of the temporary cement fell out when I sampled a locally grown almond on a market stall in Portugal so I have been dying to get back to the dentist! After an awful injection that was a direct hit on a blood vessel, I had to try and regroup for the rest of the appointment which lasted over an hour! Have to go back for the real crown in two weeks, but at the moment, I feel like "Jaws" out of James Bond, albeit, the tooth I broke is at the back, I just like to exaggerate a bit!!
Just realized, none of my tooth antics have been logged on the review of August, neither have I a photo pf DS2 and his AS results! How could I miss that! Will have to photograph the results sheet instead and do a page! He did really well with his dance and drama and English and has decided to drop French. He goes back on Wednesday to start his last year of schooling! A lot will change this year! 
DS1 is about to start his last year at Uni. Where did that time go????!!! 2012 is shaping up to be a really big year for both boys and their futures! TFLx

Sunday, 4 September 2011

I crafted!! Christening mini album

Last weekend we went to Olivia's christening and I ordered the photo's online straight away. When they arrived yesterday, I ran straight upstairs and made a few into a mini album, so I can get them posted off tomorrow before they lose their significance.
I made this album using these things;
The children's book was from a pound shop and it has a pocket for a CD in the front and I wanted to send all the photo's I took at the christening, on a disc for the parents to keep.
I covered each page with patterned paper using a glue stick and smoothing with a brayer, then I trimmed the excess and the handle with my craft knife.
I then got out my new Distrezz it all from Zutter, actually I ordered it ages ago and have never opened it! The pages fitted in three at a time so I did all the edges apart from the hinge, in groups of three. The inner handle I filed neatly with my Basic Grey Precision file set in various shapes.
I tore out a couple of poems from the old children's verse book and used it in the bottom of the box when I misted the fabric strip I used to make the flower. The fabric strip was a Pink Paislee mistable out of my latest SC kit. Once misted and dried, I gathered it up in my fingers and then held it in place with a couple of stitches.
I then arranged the photo's in the book and made a tag for the front cover, with her initial and an old playing card along with a 'handmade' fabric label. I tied ribbon through the handle of the first page as a final decoration. 
The photo on the cover I altered in photoshop. At the start of the christening, we were held up as the vicar said "Cinderella has lost her shoe!" Olivia's christening shoe had been lost somewhere between the car and the font, so everyone the parents went rushing off looking for it! Later at the reception afterwards, I was playing with Olivia in the pushchair and her shoe fell off on the grass, so I was able to grab a snap that I thought would be great for my front cover! The parents don't know yet and I think they will be surprised! I altered it to sepia and added the title and date in pink for the finishing touch.
The back page has the original on it.
here are some of the remaining pages.

It turns out the parents had secretly married that week too, so the reception was a sort of wedding reception. I hope this will be a great memento for them. The disc with all my pics is inside the front. TFLx