Monday, 31 October 2011

RAK winner!

Random.Org chose number 3, so Dawn can you email me and I will get the Studio Calico paper pack in the post to you.

As rare as hens teeth!

We went to Southport and the tide was in!!!!! Now if you know Southport, you will know that even the pier does not reach the sea!! Lol! I had to get out of the car in the rain and photograph it! I think this is the first time in 50 years I have ever seen it!! You can see how pleased dad was!
I took mum home to Southport to stay for a night in a hotel to revisit old haunts, in the town where she was born. It was her 80th birthday present from me. She had not been for a long time and neither had i come to that. Childhood holidays on the beach visiting grandma, were my last memories and she died in 1976, so it was a real trip down memory lane for me too. We had a room overlooking the boating lake....
and I was able to photograph the railings here....
that mum was sat on in this old photo here....
We walked down Lord Street 

and I particularly wanted to visit the Wayfarers arcade where I remembered there used to be a great craft type shop. I bought some vintage postcards of Southport.
We went to Boothroyds and check out that sky colour!!!! Not photoshopped!
We sat down and took it all in.
We were able to visit my grandparents grave
and photograph the convalescent hospital on the promenade, where my grandad was a hospital blue after the first world war, recovering from his injuries and where he met my grandmother.

This is the uniform they wore, which was why they were called hospital blues. We had a great couple of days. They really enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I just need to make the mini album for her now, of all our memories.
Today, I have no voice and we are back to school tomorrow :( Great timing! Not! TFLx

Thursday, 27 October 2011

I caught up July

I suddenly realised I had done a layout for August review and missed July. I remember making the photo collage, but I had never printed it out, so here it is. Went all bright and funky on this one in red and yellow. Used some red washi tape again in polka dots and tartan. Some journaling, but not much.
I have been buying things to start making for a craft fayre I have agreed to do. I was not going to do one this year, but with the recent news of DS2 getting in to dance school in London, I figured I needed to start a fund for him! So I am committed now, so I had better get cracking! I will use some of the projects for this year's Christmas countdown too, so it will kill two birds with one stone. Hubby is not convinced as all I seem to have done this week is spend money on things I need for the projects, so let's hope it turns around into a profit eventually! I don't do cards often but I made 8 the other night, so that is a start. I am going to try and do more presents than Christmas decorations, but I will have Christmas things in the countdown too. TFLx

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Pushing the boundaries

Sometimes I go all rash and creative!! This layouts was one of those occasions where I went "off piste" for me! I got all arty with paint! It happened by accident actually, I was experimenting with my new Jenni Bowlin paint dabber in duck egg on some green Bazzill card stock and squeezed a bit too hard and the lid came off! i then had to spread the paint with a credit card (not a current one, i mean a store card type thing!) Then I dried it with the heat gun and it gave the paint some wrinkles where it was thick.

I then sprayed with some Studio Calico white mist, before tearing the edges off the card stock and mounting it on patterned paper.I edged my collage photo in speckled egg blue paint. I had a full packet of butterflies and doilies from Cosmo Cricket, that I literally dropped on the layout for a random placement, then I decided to add more dimension, by stapling the butterflies on beading wire. I held the beading wire in place, here and there, with cross stitches in Bakers Twine.
A couple of eyelets and a few buttons and I was done! Rush of blood over. Will be returning to my usual style, boring and safe, but hey, sometimes it's good to push the boundaries! TFLx
P.S. Sorry I forgot to photograph the December Daily, will get around to it, eventually! Been too busy planning projects for this year's Christmas Countdown.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Yay for the holidays!

Today is the first day of half term! I managed to do a little crafting yesterday and prepared my December Daily album from these reclaimed items.
The same as my previous two December Dailys, it is made from a mixture of brown paper bags, envelopes, paper carriers, plastic diary covers, photo wallets and postcards. The trick is to not make it too thick at this stage.
By the time you have added the patterned papers and then get cracking with the photo's and journaling it always ends up too thick for the book rings! The previous two years have been made from old diary covers, which dictated the size, this year the cover was a couple of pages from an old children's board book from a charity shop, so it is slightly squarer.
I kept my add on from last Decembers kit over at Studio Calico. called Holiday Lights, to cover this year's album, so you will be seeing a lot of these items! Plus I ordered an add on paper pack from there too so there is some Crate Paper brighter papers in there too. I did finally finish the first stage late last night, so I will try and photograph it later. TFLx
If you are not sure what a December Daily is, 2009's is here and 2010's is here. I actually made my first video clip back in 2009 of my December Daily. This is part 1 and this is part 2!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

The boy done well!

This time last week we were in London so DS2 could audition for dance school, yesterday, we heard that he has got in!
Just finished the London layout in time, with lots of memorabilia! Will need to do a success one now!! Needs to audition again in April but definitely has a place, but will still go on some other auditions, just in case he gets a choice!
All those years of dancing have paid off! He is so excited and we are very proud!
Remember from this
to this. TFLx

Saturday, 22 October 2011

The big picture

I posted a layout the other day using one large picture and I was inspired to do this by Laura Kurz a designer over at Studio Calico. Not my normal style, but here layouts are always simple and wonderful! Here is a layout I scraplifted from her here;
I turned the layout round and then added some circles I punched out, some flat and some with 3D foam pads, one was a badge too. I distressed the edge with my Heidi Swapp edge distresser and added three more half circles at the top. It was very unusual for me and took me out of my comfort zone. She has some great layouts in this gallery here, go check them out! Very frugal on the patterned paper supplies too! Less is definitely more! 
I am home alone this afternoon, hubby has gone to football, so hoping to squeeze in a bit of crafting! Better get cracking!! TFLx
P.S. Did sort out some Christmas papers yesterday for my December Daily, I can cross that off my 'to do' list!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Baby album

I was asked by a colleague to make a baby album for her friend and I came up with this little paper bag mini. You have seen me use this cover decoration before, but I just love it for baby projects. 

A mixture of flaps and pockets and little tags for journaling. Used Basic Grey papers Kioshi. Cut the mount board cover using a Tim Holtz on the edge die. 
Managed to do more research yesterday for the Christmas countdown, so it is looking possible! TFLx

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Just a number!

80 - I flit about making layouts from June, then August, then September, then last weekend in London! There seems no rhyme or reason to it, but eventually it will be an album (or two) of my fiftieth year in pictures!! Here is a layout from September, my mum's 80th birthday to be precise. 
20 - I decided to go 'large' on the picture and then added an Ali Edwards overlay of number 20 for the actual date of her birthday. 
The title is "80 is just a number" is made using blank chipboard letters with Teal green Zing embossing powder.
When the mood takes me, I am turning out loads of layouts and then, other times, months go by without any creativity at all!!! Is everyone like this??  I must be in a creative splurge stage, as I cannot remember if I have blogged this or not! Just had to check back! If I have layouts waiting in a queue to be blogged, life is good!
1 - Yesterday I broke up for half term, one week's holiday and am looking forward to some crafty time - not sure if it will happen though, as hubby is off work for the week too! Got some time out and about planned, including taking mum to revisit her roots, so that will require more layouts! 
2- I have two big jobs to do - I have been deciding whether to do my traditional Christmas countdown on the blog during November. I worry that I do not have as much time as I used to have somehow! I was also asked to do a craft fair recently and I should, that way at least I have to craft as I have an excuse - orders to fill! However, I am a little scared to take on more than I can chew! I also need to prepare my December Daily album. I was tempted to buy the SC one that Ali Edwards is using this year, until I saw the price and so far I have convinced myself, that the ones that I usually make are just fine. What I need to do is check that I have plenty of Christmas papers. So much to do and so little time! 
10 - Today I made myself catch up on cleaning the downstairs of the house and iron an overloaded ironing basket full of stuff (how can hubby possibly have worn 10 shirts since last time I ironed????) Thanks goodness for Poirot on the Sky plus!!
3 - Also managed at least three loads of washing too so the ironing basket wont be empty for long!
0 - I am home alone! Nobody here except me (and Barney of course!) Maybe tonight I could have a TV dinner up in the craft room and play to my heart's content - well I did do housework & ironing!!! TFLx

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Been to the big smoke!

The weekend in pictures. Went to London, the weather was like this
my son auditioned here......
whilst I spent a lot of time here.......
and here......
then we both did a lot of this......
and this.....
and this.....
before doing some of this.....
and this.....
and coming home on this.....
first class, eating this.....
and drinking this!
Great weekend. We now have to wait and see! TFLx