Sunday, 8 January 2012

Been up to London! Again!

Took DS2 for another audition. Went down on Friday as he had an early start on Saturday Morning. Hubby and I amused ourselves, shopping at Bluewater - never been to such a big shopping centre! I was quite exhausted by the time we picked J up to come home. He did not finish until 5.45! What a long day. Got stuck in some roadworks on the M25, so was quite late home. Had a nice meal at Carluccio's which was new to us! Waiting to hear how he got on. Taking DS1 back to Uni today, so in the midst of a big packing session! Managed to fit in Sunday Lunch out with Grandma and Grandad, at a local pub. Need to catch up Project Life later and will share tomorrow. Week one completed. TFLx

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SueB said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip to London Caroline, fab photo! Best of luck to DS2, fingers and toes crossed it's good news :) Looking forward to seeing more of your project life album. Did you see my last comment? I hope you're getting them, as they don't always show up :( but mentioned that I am also trying to do this too, and have a fab vid that I've saved from youtube that I will try and forward to you, just need to get round to it, lol!
Looking forward to seeing more!
Suzie xxxx :)