Friday, 13 January 2012

Layouts, Layouts, Layouts!

I got in the craft room yesterday after printing off the remaining photo's for my weekly layouts of my 50th year album. I got a few done and hopefully more will get finished today. I really like January for getting to grips with my "unfinished symphonies!" Last year I finished off loads of part-done projects and I am determined to get my 50th year album completed, so I can focus more on Project Life.
This is a photo of my 11.11.11 layout. I was lucky that this date fell during my 50th year, a rare event in itself. I even managed a photo at 11.11am. of my i-phone,  for the minutes silence. A snapshot of a day in my life, including the things I ate and the things I did.
This was another photo from November, of my dad wearing his medals for the Cenotaph parade where they live.
I am enjoying layouts on patterned paper backgrounds again, plain card stock is proving more challenging to me at the minute!
Yesterday I was looking for a photo of Barney's friend Lewis, as some sad news reached me that he had passed away. He was younger than Barney, so that has made me realise we are now really on borrowed time with Barney. Lewis was the dog of someone I met whilst dog walking, she herself lost her life to cancer in 2008 and Lewis was the remaining link with her. I am sure I have scrapped this photo, but cannot find the layout, maybe I imagined it?
If I haven't I need to do it right now! TFLx
Today's photo's were
 A new recipe I tried for tea
and a post box.

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CoventryAnn said...

Dog photo is great, love the meadow flowrers.